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A blue 2021 Honda CR-V is shown parked near a body of water.

Why Hondas Are the Best Used Cars

Shopping for a used car can come with the excitement of knowing you could get a bargain, especially when you are shopping for a used Honda for sale. Whether you’re buying from a dealer or an individual, you know that, in many cases, the seller is eager to get the vehicle off of their hands to make room for new models. There is room for negotiation, and that’s always a benefit for car buyers. Another part of the beauty of buying an older car is that there is ample data available about the vehicle.

Buying the newest variation of any car makes you the guinea pig, in a sense. You’ll be one of the first batch of drivers to determine what’s great about it…and what isn’t. There isn’t much information out there yet about how the car runs. You can easily learn a lot about older cars. The data on user experience is widely available.

All of that said, buying a pre-owned car can also come with the anxiety that your vehicle might be a lemon. It’s understandable that buying a used car can come with the concern that it won’t run as well as a brand new model. So you want to know which cars consistently run well, even when purchased used. If you do see a used Honda for sale on your search, it’s worth checking out. Hondas consistently rank high among drivers of used cars. In fact, if you were to take a drive right now, you’d likely notice many previous years’ variations of Hondas on the road, proving just how popular even older makes of the car are. Let’s take a look at what makes Honda one of the most beloved used cars.


Take a look around next time you’re on the road. There are some types of cars for which you’ll mostly only see new models. Anything older than 2019 is suspiciously missing. On the flip side, you might see Hondas dating back to 2007. That alone shows you that the vehicle is reliable.

Models that are more than a decade old from this manufacturer are still out there. In fact, Hondas are one of the cars for which you’ll see the highest number of old models up and running. That is because, with proper maintenance, a Honda can go over 300,000 miles. What that tells you is that when you buy a Honda with 100,000 miles on it, you can still get a lot of value out of it. In fact, with the Federal Highway Administration reporting that the average person of working age drives around 15,000 miles per year, a used Honda with just 100,000 miles on it still has many years of use left. If you hope to not have to buy another car again for a long time, a used Honda could be your best bet.

A popular used Honda for sale, a red 2020 Honda Odyssey is shown parked in a driveway.

Fast Fixes

Rare, vintage, and exotic cars are exciting – without question – but anyone who owns one can tell you that repairing them is a major headache. Their cars are always in the shop, leaving them car-less for weeks. Anytime something goes wrong, they know they’re in for a journey of going to several mechanics before finding someone who even knows how to work on their car. When they do find that mechanic, he charges extra because of the make of the vehicle.

Then there’s the issue of ordering the parts – which can be difficult to find and expensive when located. One reason people love driving Hondas is that the repairs are easy. Almost any mechanic will be extremely familiar with the vehicle, and ordering the parts is simple. Due to their reliability, the need for repairs shouldn’t come up often, but when it does, it won’t be too hard to handle.

High RPM

On most Honda engines, you’ll see the letters VTEC. This stands for Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control. It’s a fancy way of explaining that Hondas can reach a high RPM. Most vehicles have RPMs between 600 and 1,000. A Honda Civic can reach 2,500. This results in a powerful-feeling vehicle. Hondas might not look like fast cars at first glance, but you’ll notice their power when you’re behind the wheel. When you need to accelerate, you won’t feel a struggle in a Honda.

Excellent Resale Value

Honda has received multiple rewards from Kelley Blue Book over the years in the resale value category. The multiple perks of the vehicle we’ve already discussed should explain why. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to drive the same car for long and plan on re-selling your Honda in a few years, you can expect to get a reasonable price for it – more than you might for other cars. In fact, many Hondas achieve a resale value of nearly 70 percent when they are five years old and 50 percent when they are seven years old.

A blue 2020 Honda Accord is shown from the side parked at a crosswalk.

Which Used Honda Should I Buy?

Now that you understand why Honda consistently ranks high among buyers of used cars, you’re faced with the question: which used Honda for sale should I buy? Between the sedans, SUVs, coupes, and hatchbacks, there’s a lot to choose from. That’s not even touching on hybrids versus non-hybrids. Honda makes cars for many different lifestyles and preferences, each of which boasts the perks we’ve covered. So now it’s just about determining the best one for you.

Much of this process will involve asking yourself how you’ll use the car. Will you load it up with passengers? How about adventure gear? Will you use it mostly for freeway driving or country roads? Maybe you need it for both. Considering these factors will help you pick out the best model for your needs.

For Affordability: Honda Civic

You’ve likely seen many older Honda Civics on the road, as this is one of the more popular models. In fact, it’s been around since 1972. Drivers love it that much. One great feature of the Civic is that it’s available in several models – the coupe, sedan, and hatchback – so you can choose the one that best fits your life. It has a sleek interior that holds up over time and offers excellent gas mileage. Plus, it’s affordable. If you need an easy-to-drive car for city life that saves you money at the pump, this is a smart pick.

For Space: Honda Accord

If you’re looking for space, the Honda Accord deserves your attention. It’s a mid-size sedan that’s ready for family life or road trips. It has seven trim levels ranging from LX to Sport Special Edition. It’s even available in a hybrid to save you money on gas and appeal to the eco-minded driver. If you like legroom and plenty of customization options, the Honda Accord is a solid choice.

For Performance: Honda Element

The Honda Element features a compact body with all of the perks of a utility vehicle, making it efficient and easy to drive. It’s available with all-wheel drive, features adjustable cargo space, has removable back seats, and can seat four passengers. The rubber floors and water-resistant upholstery also make this great for divers with messy kids or pets.

Used Is Worth It

Shopping for a used car can come with a roller coaster of emotions. Everybody hopes they get a great car at a great price, with no surprises that the previous owner neglected to mention. Some cars just don’t rank well on the used car market. Others, like Honda, have proven time and time again to be well worth their cost. With the ability to go for hundreds of thousands of miles under proper care, many model and trim options, and impressive reliability, Hondas have the features that can make you feel confident when buying a pre-owned vehicle. There’s a reason you’re often surrounded by older Hondas on the road – once someone is a Honda driver, they’re usually one for life.