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A blue 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 ZR2 is shown towing a trailer on a dirt path.

What Is Chevy Best Known For?

While it’s technically a division of the General Motors Company, Chevrolet is a brand that has a sterling reputation in its own right. While most Americans have heard of Chevy and may have a vague idea of what’s in their lineup, not everyone knows what Chevrolet is really all about. So let’s take a look at what Chevy is best known for and what types of drivers should consider heading down to their local Chevy dealers to see what all the fuss is about.


Chevrolet is a well-established brand partly because it has a history that stretches all the way back to 1911. The Chevrolet Motor Car Company, as it was first called, was named after Swiss race car driver and engineer Louis Chevrolet, one of the company’s co-founders. While it started off as an independent company, it didn’t stay that way for long. It became a division of General Motors after a reverse merger in 1917, and it has been part of GM ever since. For decades, Chevy has had a reputation for making popular and affordable cars.

Bowtie Logo

Almost all Chevrolet vehicles are emblazoned with an iconic gold cross known as the Chevrolet bowtie. While the color of the logo used to change depending on vehicle type (blue for passenger cars, gold for trucks), Chevy started using gold across the board in the early 2000s in order to distinguish itself from competitors’ logos. The bowtie may be simple, but it stands out nicely against a chrome grille and lets everyone on the road know that you’re the proud owner of a Chevrolet.

A close up shows the 100 year anniversary Chevy bowtie logo.


Between all of their different models (not to mention trim levels), Chevy vehicles run the gamut from affordable to pricey. But no matter how much you’re able to spend, you can be sure that Chevrolet is giving you a good bang for your buck. The less expensive versions of their cars, trucks, and SUVs still come with all of the features you need to drive in comfort and style while upgrading to pricier trims gets you more premium materials, powerful engines, or cutting-edge technology.


Based in Detroit since it was first founded, Chevy is well-known for being an American automaker. This means that their vehicles are made by Americans and for Americans. In such a large country where freeways are often used by commuters and vacationers alike, no two American drivers have the same needs. This might explain why Chevy’s lineup is so diverse. From tiny cars to full-size pickups to commercial vans and more, Chevys come in all shapes and sizes. So let’s break this down by vehicle type and look at what this brand really has to offer.

Chevy Trucks

All of Chevy’s trucks fall under two models: the Silverado and the Colorado. The Silverado is a full-size pickup that comes in a wide range of versions. The 1500 is a versatile option that’s great for everyday driving. The more powerful HD has hugely impressive capacities in terms of towing and hauling. Meanwhile, the ZR2 is built for off-roading and can help adventurous folks get all their gear to their campsites.

The midsize Colorado may not quite match the capability of the Silverado by the numbers, but it still offers good stats for towing and payload. Since it’s smaller, it’s less pricey and easier to maneuver. This means that the Colorado ZR2 trim is well-suited to windy mountain roads and tight OHV trails.

Chevy SUVs

Chevy may be pretty well-known for trucks, but it has more SUVs than any other type of vehicle. That makes sense when you think about it since the term “SUV” can apply to anything from a compact crossover to a car massive enough to offer three rows of seats with legroom for all. Across the board, these models tend to be popular with drivers thanks to available all-wheel drive, comfortable interiors, and seats that can be folded down to increase cargo space when needed.

On the smallest end of the spectrum, the Trax is a good car for folks who want to transition from a sedan to an SUV but don’t want to dive headfirst into the deep end. The Trailblazer is a capable model that has trims that can either make it sporty or rugged enough to go off-road. A popular choice among crossover drivers, the Equinox has plenty of room to make passengers feel comfortable, even on long road trips. Sleek and stylish, the Blazer is the priciest of the Chevy crossovers and is packed with useful features, even at the most basic trim level.

Getting into the larger models, the Traverse seats up to eight people, so you’ll never have to leave anyone behind for lack of space. With an even larger interior, the Tahoe offers generous legroom, even in the third row, and has a smooth ride thanks to its capable suspension system. Rounding out the SUVs, the classy Suburban is perfect for vacations, with both plenty of interior space and a respectable towing capacity, with high-tech systems available to help keep you fully in control of your trailer.

Chevy Sports Cars

While many are more familiar with Chevy’s practical cars and trucks that are perfect for day-to-day commutes, they also have some iconic sports cars that have great performance and are fun to drive. The Corvette and Camaro are both aerodynamic supercars available as either coupes or convertibles. While most drivers won’t have the opportunity to bring them up to their racing speeds, they can still appreciate their top-notch handling and sporty looks. These models have their loyal enthusiasts for a reason: they’re well-crafted machines that are packed with potential.

Chevrolet is no stranger to professional racing either. The brand enters its cars into sporting events both in the States and abroad, from the Indy 500 to the British Touring Car Championship. Chevy has a particularly strong presence in NASCAR, having won dozens of manufacturer championships.

An orange and a red 2023 Chevy Corvette Z06 are shown on pavement after leaving one of the areas most popular Chevy dealers.

It’s Electric!

While Chevy may currently be best known for its gas-powered lineup, that may be changing in the near future. The brand got in on plug-in hybrids early, debuting the Chevy Volt in 2010. While the Volt has been discontinued, the brand now has an all-electric model called the Bolt, which is available as either a compact EV or a spacious EUV. Either way, it has a range of over 200 miles on a full charge and is affordable enough that average consumers can afford to switch over to greener technology and save some money at the gas pump while they’re at it.

For the 2023 model year, Chevy announced the introduction of several all-electric versions of its perennial favorite models: the Equinox, Blazer, Corvette, and Silverado. This is part of the brand’s long-term plan to electrify its entire lineup. While Chevrolet’s roots may stretch back to the beginning of the 20th century, it’s not afraid to dive headfirst into the future.

Add Some History to Your Driveway With a Chevy

Having been around for over a century, Chevrolet is well-known for a wide variety of things, from pickup trucks to race cars to the electric vehicles of tomorrow. So perhaps the thing Chevy is best known for is the brand’s outstanding ability to multitask without sacrificing quality. From its most basic truck to its highest-performing sports car, Chevy always puts a great deal of thought into its designs and works to execute them with care and attention to detail. So whether you’re looking for a vehicle for work, commuting, or making a statement, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.