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A 2018 used Chevy Silverado for sale is shown parked in a field near a lone tree.

Used Chevy Silverados: Answering Your Top Questions

Like any smart shopper these days, you’re looking to keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket, and if you require a truck, chances are you’re interested in buying one used. After all, what’s the point in overspending for all of these fancy features if you can find them in a model that’s a couple of years old for a fraction of the price? You want to be sure that you find the truck that can take on your daily travels, work tasks, and whatever else you require, which is why the Chevy Silverado may have sparked your interest. It’s one of the most capable trucks on the market, designed to complete tasks that other trucks can’t. If you’re searching for a used Chevy Silverado for sale, you probably have your fair share of questions; I’m here today to answer a few of the most common queries on the internet.

Q. What Is the Best Year of the Silverado When Buying Used?

A. If you want to harness advanced tech and capabilities, I recommend sticking to recent model years. These models showcase some of the most powerful engines to help you get more done on the jobsite, as well as helpful tech and design features to make your time on the road more enjoyable. Among some of the best years for the Silverado are 2019 models, which have an overall lighter build, allowing them to maneuver with precision, as well as accelerate with ease to make for a more exciting ride. I also like models from 2021, which debuted the highly popular Multi-Flex Tailgate, designed to operate six distinct ways to help you accommodate more types of gear. Looking at these kinds of recent Silverado models can also help you achieve a more comfortable ride with an arsenal of available engines designed to get more work done.

The 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 trim lineup is shown.

Q. How Many Miles Does a Chevy Silverado Last?

A. If you’re looking to buy used, the number of miles on any given vehicle is an obvious concern. After all, vehicles don’t last forever, but pickup trucks tend to last longer than many other types of vehicles on the road. It’s common for trucks to travel for hundreds of thousands of miles before needing to be replaced; however, this depends solely on keeping up with proper maintenance, which is the owner’s responsibility. Rather than worrying about total miles, it’s better to focus on the maintenance of a truck, any replacement parts, and how well the previous owner followed a service schedule.

Q. Why Is the Silverado Better Than the F-150?

A. It’s an age-old rivalry and one that will never go away, but no matter which camp you happen to be in, you can’t avoid the facts. The Silverado 1500 pulls ahead of the F-150 in many areas, especially when it comes to reliability. For instance, the 2022 Silverado 1500 ranked higher than the F-150 on J.D. Power’s list of Best Large Light Duty Pickups for quality and reliability. The Silverado is also armed with class-leading cargo volume in its one-of-a-kind bed, which is another huge benefit, especially when you’re utilizing this truck for work. Don’t forget about the more recent Silverado models and their multifunctional tailgates, which can’t be found in Ford models, making the Silverado more equipped to handle anything your travels entail with expert precision.

Q. Which Silverado Engine Is the Best?

A. If you’ve been researching Silverado models for a while, then you know that the selection of engines you have to choose from can be overwhelming. There’s no clear-cut answer to this question since there’s an engine for every type of driver; however, a frequent favorite tends to be the powerful diesel option. The Silverado 1500’s 3.0L Duramax Turbo-Diesel, which has been in the lineup for many years now, is the perfect blend of power and efficiency. It’s able to tow heavy loads, while also boasting favorable MPGs on the highway, which makes it the perfect engine for a multitude of drivers. The Silverado has also been loaded with high-performing V8 engines over the years, including the most recent 6.2L EcoTec3 V8, which offers impeccable power and plenty of pep in its step to offer an engaging ride anywhere you’re traveling.

Q. Which Silverado Model Is Best for Off-Roading?

A. When you’re seeking out adventure, you need a vehicle that can take on anything that greets you out in the wilderness. That’s where buying used comes in handy because you’re able to take advantage of these features for a more affordable price, allowing you to enjoy your explorations like never before. Trail Boss models, which debuted for the 2019 model year, are favorites amongst those who desire off-road capabilities but don’t want to splurge for the newer ZR2 offerings. These models showcase factory-installed suspension lifts, mud-terrain tires, automatic locking rear differentials, reinforced skid plates, and more rugged elements to make your time out on the trail invigorating.

Of course, if you really want to amplify the thrills in challenging environments, the aforementioned ZR2 models will guarantee this with some of the most advanced off-road capabilities on the market. From Multimatic DSSV dampers to an off-road cut bumper and ultra-durable elements, the ZR2, which debuted for the 2022 model year, is as good as it gets out in the wilderness. These trims aside, look for a Silverado with the Z71 Off-Road Package to ensure you’re getting a truck built for the trail.

A white 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 Work Truck is shown at a construction site.

Q. What Is the Most Affordable Used Silverado Model?

A. Buying used allows you to save money with your purchase, and it makes it even more enticing when you choose an already-affordable model, making its price even lower. The most affordable and most basic Silverado out there is the WT or Work Truck. It provides a no-nonsense approach to your workday tasks, and it’s armed with desirable features to make your time behind the wheel more enjoyable. If you choose more recent model years, you’ll get to take advantage of plenty of helpful tech features, plus class-leading cargo bed volume and a comfortably modern interior, perfect to take you between jobsites each day.

Q. Are Used Silverados Worth It?

A. Shopping used expands your options, allowing you to choose between many more models and features, as opposed to being limited to what resides on the new-car lot. The biggest factor to remember is that not all used vehicles are created equally and not all pickup trucks hold their value quite like the Chevy Silverado. The Silverado is known to be extremely dependable, durable, and fit to accomplish a myriad of tasks, making it one of the most versatile trucks in the industry. Buying used will help you get the Silverado you want, complete with helpful features, a powerful engine, and more, all for a price that won’t destroy your wallet.

So, the answer to this question is yes, buying a used Silverado is definitely worth it. After all, not having to compromise on the trim level or the features you want in your vehicle because of price is reason enough to shop for a used Silverado. Remember, even models that are just a year or two old will feature better prices, allowing you to get a more sophisticated trim or more advanced features to complete your journey. Finding a used vehicle can be a challenge, but when you have your eye on the Silverado, you won’t have to worry about reliability and quality. There’s no doubt about it: Chevrolet designs some of the best vehicles the industry has ever seen, with cutting-edge features and a reputation of excellence that can’t be replicated, and you’ll find it all in the Silverado.