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A white 2015 Audi Q3 is shown parked in a lot of an online car dealer.

Used Audi SUVs Available in the US Market

Audi is a brand with a vast number of positive attributes, particularly in terms of driving dynamics. Sitting behind the wheel of any Audi is an enthusiast’s dream, and the SUVs in the Audi lineup are no exception. While most SUVs experience roll and handling concerns on curving roads and corners, Audi has attended to such issues with its SUVs to inspire a confidence that is rare to find even in luxury class vehicles. It’s worth the time to discover a used Audi SUV if you want to save on the price of a new model, and an online car dealer may be the best way to find one before it gets snapped up by another buyer. Few interested buyers will dare to walk away from a used Audi for sale, so be prepared to leap if you discover one of these gems online.

Audi Q3 – Subcompact Performance

Subcompact crossovers are a constantly growing segment, with a wide array of options ranging from fuel-efficient daily drivers to performance-focused road runners. For Audi, the Q3 is a subcompact SUV that combines performance with comfort in a tech-friendly, contemporary design. The Q3 has been available in the US since 2015 as a five-passenger SUV with exceptional ride quality and handling. In its American debut year, the Q3 emerged as a feature-laden and refined option in contrast to a segment riddled with low-rent materials and pedestrian styling––especially from American manufacturers. In comparison to the rest of the SUV lineup from Audi, the Q3 offers its Quattro all-wheel drive as optional, which can help save even more money for buyers seeking a deal on older used models.

Even back in 2015, the Q3 came with leather upholstery, dual-zone climate control, heated front seats, and push-button ignition. Technology in entry-level models started with a ten-speaker audio system linked to HD radio, Bluetooth, and SiriusXM, though in 2016, Audi did not include a backup camera or any USB ports for charging smartphones for the base trim. For those options, buyers should look for the mid or upper-level trims. All Q3 models came equipped with a single turbocharged I-4 engine option which is thrifty with fuel yet confident during acceleration. Options expanded for upper trims with a Bose sound system, driver-assist safety features, and a powered liftgate. Once the Q3 hit the 2017 model year, the base trim was finally offered with a USB port. In 2019, the Q3 entered its second generation with fresh styling, a significantly more powerful engine, and standard all-wheel drive.

The trunk of a black 2022 Audi Q5 is shown open.

Audi Q5 – A Luxury Staple

Though the Audi Q5 is another five-passenger SUV, this family-oriented vehicle has been available in the American market since 2009 and was the automaker’s first compact option. Standard all-wheel drive is the norm for the Audi SUV lineup aside from the Q3, and the Quattro system delivers excellent handling in combination with any of its available engines. Since 2012, a range of engines has been offered for the Q5, from a capable V6 making up to 270 hp to hybrid, diesel, and supercharged engine options. Buyers can search for models with a wide range of capabilities, which can mean towing small trailers or opting for high-performance characteristics for spirited driving.

Inside the Q5 is a spacious, classy design with comforts and conveniences to suit even the pickiest of passengers. Leather seats are standard, along with LED daytime running lights, a power liftgate, and a bevy of infotainment options. While the features may be exciting for some, the real focus zeroes in on the driving dynamics with features like driving modes and steering feel that can be adjusted. The Drive Select system adjusts torque and transmission output according to the mode selected, while the Dynamic Steering feature automates how much steering input the driver gains depending on speed. Few vehicles in the market have the kind of driving dynamics of an Audi, particularly an SUV as impressive as the Audi Q5. If you love to drive, this is the SUV you need.

Audi Q7 – Family-Friendly Driving

With the Audi Q7, we go back farther in time to the US introduction in 2006 for the 2007 model year. As a three-row SUV, the Q7 is large enough to travel with up to seven passengers, yet its driving characteristics will belie its size in comparison to its many competitors. Standard all-wheel drive helps the handling under any circumstance, and ride quality is balanced and smooth enough for comfortable long drives. Search for the available adaptive air suspension, and discover the reward of electronically-assisted poise that is easy to enjoy. Like its SUV siblings, refinement is part of the Audi experience, with leather interiors, exceptional support from the seats, and powered accessories at every turn.

Technology features even going back to 2012 include options like navigation, a Bose Surround Sound system, and even a roll-over mitigation system to assist with stability. In 2017, Audi redesigned the Q7 to make it lighter, more fuel-efficient, and more comfortable on the inside. Almost everything about the Q7 was touched in the new design, including a new suspension system and a larger interior space for cargo and passengers. Driver-assist features were added to the standard roster of offerings, and one of the most exciting features became available for the top-tier Prestige trim with four-wheel steering. Such a novel feature allows for improved handling at high speeds while increasing the turn radius at low speeds, which is a boon when driving a large SUV.

A close up of the front of a 2021 Audi Q8 is shown driving on a street.

Audi Q8 – Midsize Coupe

When you want lots of cargo space but you don’t need as much room for passengers, the Audi Q8 is the answer. As one of the newest SUV additions to the Audi lineup, the Q8 borrows the same platform as the Q7 but remains a five-seat vehicle. Styling matches the rest of the Audi SUVs, with its unfussy straight lines and its well-balanced exterior design. A sliding second row allows rear-seat passengers to enjoy more legroom when it’s needed or give you the option of having more space for cargo. The interior oozes upscale delights such as woodgrain trim and bright light from the standard sunroof, and the hushed quality of the cabin washes away the noise of the outside world. Under the hood is a delicious turbocharged V6 with a mild-hybrid setup that produces up to 335 hp for exceptional power for enthusiastic driving.

Expect standard features like tri-zone climate control, heated front seats, and LED lighting for the exterior for all models going back to 2019, when the Q8 premiered in the US. Traditional connectivity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are found in all models, as well as a long list of driver-assist technologies. Options like a Bang & Olufsen sound system and massaging front seats can turn the interior into a virtual oasis, and Audi supplied a Year One package for 2019 models that added attention-getting exterior details in black 22-inch wheels that sport red brake calipers. The Q8 might be the icing on the cake for Audi SUVs, with the only unfortunate impracticality being its low mileage despite the mild hybrid and fuel-saving tech for the powertrain.

Why Buy an Audi SUV?

Aside from the luxurious comfort and attractive styling, Audi is known for its attention to precise handling. In a world full of sloppy SUVs that don’t offer much in the way of driving fun, an Audi of any size is almost guaranteed to be enjoyable on the road. Whether you need a family vehicle or a commuter, an Audi is focused on delivering an experience, not just a product. Any Audi SUV with Quattro all-wheel drive will feel inspiring, and you can’t go wrong with the style, no matter how big or small. German engineering is legendary for its thoughtful consideration of quality, and Audi SUVs benefit from European design in all the best ways.