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A red 2023 Chevy Camaro is shown rounding a corner after leaving a Chevy dealer.

Three Types of Chevys for Every Type of Driver

Chevy has a reputation for making some of the most reliable vehicles on the road. It’s almost impossible to take a drive and not see a Chevy pass by. The great minds at Chevrolet have thought about the real day-to-day lives of Americans and made a point to infuse their durable builds and intuitive features into nearly every body type so that everyone can find something that’ll get them where they’re going safely and comfortably. If you’ve previously only associated Chevy with one type of car, like a Silverado or Camaro, it’s time to visit your local Chevy dealer and see that this great brand is so much more than one vehicle.

Here’s a look at several Chevy vehicle categories for every type of driver. No matter which one you go for, they all have the Chevy name attached to them, along with great warranties to provide extra peace of mind. With over 100 years of experience creating the vehicles that keep this country literally and figuratively moving, Chevy knows a thing or two about making a car that meets the real needs of drivers.

For Those With Large Families

Chevy makes a number of reliable full-size SUVs perfect for a large or growing family. They’re spacious, comfortable, and packed with ample cargo space. The Tahoe, Suburban, and Traverse are all examples of excellent full-size SUVs capable of carrying large households. Each can be bought in a configuration for seven or eight passengers, with either a bench row of three seats in the second row or two captain’s chairs. Growing families with small children would do well in one of these vehicles. For those with a family of four or five, lowering the third row will provide you with an abundance of cargo room for luggage on those summer vacation trips, the kid’s soccer equipment, and all those grocery bags. For example, lowering the third row of the 2022 Chevy Suburban will give you 93.8 cu.ft of cargo space, while lowering both the second and third rows will give you a whopping 144.7 cu.ft. of space.

Each of these Chevys would make top contenders for a family needing a comfortable ride. They have spacious cabins and plenty of convenient compartments and cubbies for the miscellaneous items kids carry, like beverages, toys, and snacks. When you need to pack everyone for a road trip, it simply doesn’t get more comfortable than a full-size SUV. It doesn’t hurt that newer models are equipped with a 10.2″ touchscreen display equipped with the Chevrolet Infotainment 3 Premium System to keep everyone content with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, to a Wi-Fi hotspot that lets everyone stream their favorite podcasts and movies during those long trips.

If you are serious about family adventures, it’s worth considering the Chevy Tahoe, which can tow up to 8,400 lbs when properly equipped. That means you can bring a small camper with you for a great overnight outdoor experience. The Suburban can also tow up to 8,300 lbs in the proper configuration. So these full-size SUVs are ideal for families who want to be able to tow campers or RVs for weekend getaways but don’t want a pickup truck.

A white 2023 Chevy Suburban is shown from the side in the desert.

For Commuters and Adventurers Looking To Break Away From the Pump

Suburban residents who need to make regular trips into a nearby big city are all too familiar with long, traffic-heavy drives that can occur on highways. With gas prices surging, many people are tired of feeling like their fate lies in the hands of the fuel industry. That’s why many are turning to electric vehicles (EVs), and Chevy has been smart enough to be proactive in this new automotive revolution and release EV vehicles of their own.

There’s the Chevy Spark (which is discontinued and must be bought used), the Chevy Bolt EV, the Chevy Bolt EUV, and the first-ever all-electric Blazer EV coming out in the summer of 2023. Additionally, Chevy has plans to release an Equinox EV in the fall of 2023. So whether you need something small and sporty or spacious and comfortable, Chevy has an EV for you. With charging ports growing across the country, it’s never been easier to keep your EV powered up and ready to go. As for the specific driver for each of these vehicles, let’s break them down

For someone on a budget or a young professional, a Bolt EV, Bolt EUV, or used Chevy Spark will be a great buy. It’s an affordable vehicle that will save you money at the pump. On top of the at, it’s small and nimble, making it great for maneuvering and parking on busy downtown streets. Not everyone is looking for a compact EV, so for a family or adventurer, if you need space or a car that can handle a variety of roads, the Equinox will be a great choice once it arrives in 2023, when it’s available in an EV option. There is also the Blazer EV and Silverado EV to look forward to for those needing power, performance, and space in their EV. Chevy’s ready for the electric revolution, and they intend to give drivers plenty of options over the next couple of years.

Chevy’s compact crossovers are great for two groups of drivers: young couples and adventurous professionals. Here’s why. Young couples who don’t yet have kids but might need more room in the future can appreciate that a compact crossover like the Chevy Trax or Trailblazer offers room for a growing family but still boast a sophisticated look and nimble handling. They look right at home in a professional environment and certainly don’t scream “carpool” with their exterior aesthetics. So couples just starting their lives who might have a family in the future can hold onto their youth with this car but can also prepare for what’s ahead.

Adventurous professionals can get a lot of use out of these cars as well. They’re a good mix of business on the outside and party on the inside. By that, we meant that they look professional but have capabilities that make them ready for adventure. The Trax has available all-wheel drive, so it’s ready for trips off the pavement, along with tons of cargo space for gear. While it isn’t as fuel-efficient as an EV, it will get an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 24 MPG in the city and 32 MPG on the highway, so it’s road trip-ready.

A blue 2024 Chevy Equinox EV 3LT is shown parked on wet pavement.

Chevy Is All Things to All Drivers

No matter where you’re going, Chevy has a great car for nearly every type of driver. Many associate the brand with pure workhorses like some of its pickups or classic muscle cars, and it does, for the record, make some great cars in those categories. But Chevy really is the brand for everyone. They have an extensive selection of SUVs in every size, from mid-size to full-size, which are some of the best cars for families who have to haul tons of passengers and all their belongings. Plus, some boast impressive towing capabilities that make them even more versatile.

Chevy isn’t just in the big car business; they make an extensive lineup of compact and fuel-efficient cars. The reliability they’re known for comes in small packages, too, so professionals who need to find parking spots in busy cities or who want to save money at the pump can find a Chevy that fits just for them. Since Chevy started releasing compact crossovers, those who want the best of both worlds, an easy-to-handle vehicle with storage and plenty of seating, can have it. Chevy’s much more versatile than some people may realize, and their diverse lineup proves it.