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A white 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan is shown driving on a highway after visiting a VW Tiguan dealer.

The Versatility of the Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen is a brand that is commonly associated with reliability and practicality. For a good reason, too, as Volkswagen vehicles are traditionally highly dependable, sturdy, and built to last for a long time. With the distinct and iconic exterior styles that vehicles of this brand boast, no matter where you are, you can identify a Volkswagen right away.

The Volkswagen brand is home to vehicles of all sorts, from sedans to subcompacts and SUVs. While many people don’t necessarily associate VW with SUVs, this brand has multiple options in this segment; among them is the Volkswagen Tiguan, an option so particularly impressive it is sure to make any prospective SUV owner look for the nearest VW Tiguan dealer in their area.

SUVs are known to boast raw power and diverse capability, and the Volkswagen Tiguan certainly lives up to the segment’s expectations. However, the Tiguan truly shines in its utility and adaptability, offering a tremendously versatile driving experience that makes this SUV a reliable companion no matter what the driver may be using it for.

The Tiguan isn’t only capable of providing a sporty, powerful driving experience; it also offers fantastic amenities that increase comfort and efficiency with style and luxury, making it a go-to for any journey, whether you’re taking on the open road alone or with friends and family.

A blue 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan is shown driving near a shop.

Performance and Handling

To start, the 2023 VW Tiguan has plenty going on for it under the hood that helps to increase its sporty driving experience. This is a 2.0L four-cylinder engine that produces up to 184 hp, meaning that the Tiguan can really move when adventure calls. This engine also produces up to 221 lb-ft of torque, granting swift acceleration and giving the SUV the kick it needs to provide a sporty ride.

The 2023 Tiguan model’s engine works in tandem with an eight-speed transmission, helping to make gear shifting fluid and seamless while also contributing to the vehicle’s nimble handling, making the Tiguan a highly responsive SUV that stays nimble throughout every journey. The 2023 VW Tiguan’s sporty and smooth driving experience makes it a fantastic companion for long road trips and day-to-day driving alike, giving drivers the means to kick the excitement up to the next level while also providing the dexterity enough to maneuver cities with ease, making for a highly dynamic vehicle overall.

Interior Accommodations

The cabin of the 2023 Tiguan boasts comfort and convenience in spades, offering various amenities and quality-of-life features that help to make the drive enjoyable for each of its five occupants (or seven if you opt for the three-row model). The VW Tiguan offers plenty of space for riders to get comfortable, with up to 39.1 inches of headroom in its first row and 39.6 inches in the back, and 40.2 inches of legroom in the front and 36.6 inches in the back, making it a great choice for those driving with their family.

The Tiguan also features up to 73.5 cu.ft. of cargo space, when the back seat is folded down (or up to 65.7 cu.ft. if you get the three-row Tiguan), making it super easy to accommodate large purchases or mighty loads for an interstate move. Your foundational cargo space is 37.6 cu.ft. in the two-row model and 12.0 cu.ft. in the three-row model, with 33.0 cu.ft. of cargo space available should you only lower the third row.

The Tiguan’s interior flexibility makes it a fantastic choice for those looking to take on daily life and spontaneous adventures alike, affording plenty of comfort for multiple riders and tons of utility to help you get big projects done.

Additionally, the interior of the Tiguan is stylish and modern, with diverse color schemes that give the vehicle a luxury feel, such as black with brown accents, allowing drivers to make the Tiguan their own. And with a panoramic sunroof that grants plenty of natural light to fill the cabin, riders will feel even closer to the action outside—perfect for cloud-watching during the day and stargazing at night.

The black dash of a 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan is shown.

Capability and Efficiency

The 2023 Tiguan is a great choice for those in urban areas, but that does not mean it is any less useful for those in more rural areas. The VW Tiguan offers plenty of capability to handle the elements, making it a bonafide adventure vehicle through and through.

With optional all-wheel drive capability, the 2023 Tiguan is more than capable of traversing uneven or slippery terrain so that you never have to say no to a spontaneous jaunt. Various drive modes also help the Tiguan tackle diverse conditions, including on-road mode (perfect for daily commutes), off-road mode, custom mode, and snow mode (for aiding with slippery driving surfaces). The Tiguan model’s adaptability makes it a great choice for those looking to dial up the excitement in their life.

Of course, when taking an off-road adventure, it’s best if your SUV is highly efficient. Luckily the 2023 Tiguan model has a competitive fuel economy that can help drivers hit the open road for longer periods. Getting up to 24 MPG in cities and 32 MPG on highways in front-wheel drive, the VW Tiguan is guaranteed to save its driver more money than its rivals in the segment—a fantastic aspect of this SUV that makes it great for rural and urban driving alike.

The 2023 Tiguan’s responsive handling pairs well with a suspension tuned to provide a smooth and comfortable ride—as well as everything previously mentioned—makes this Volkswagen SUV a great choice for drivers from all walks of life. It offers the versatility and adaptability that drivers crave—especially those looking for an everyday vehicle that can welcome a challenge.

A blue 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan is shown parked near a restaurant.

Keep Comfortable in the 2023 VW Tiguan

The Volkswagen family are some of the most iconic modern cars out there. When it comes to dependability, no brand has quite as much in store for drivers as Volkswagen, and the 2023 Tiguan serves as just one example of that impressive nature. Most brands will tout their SUV’s under-the-hood power as the primary feature that makes it great; while that is certainly commendable, you are sure to find—once you hit the road—that an SUV that prioritizes comfort and versatility is what you and your family truly need, whether you’re keen to adventuring or just taking on the daily errands.

The VW Tiguan has plenty to offer on these fronts and more, not only boasting impressive attributes in terms of power and performance but also in the way of handling, comfort, convenience, efficiency, and much more, making it more than capable of handling any situation you can throw at it.

Additionally, the Tiguan is highly affordable from the outset, starting at a seriously competitive value compared to other high-performance SUVs. That’s just one more reason why the Volkswagen brand is so widely beloved—as if you needed another reason!

Whether you’re driving alone or with family, you’ll want a vehicle that’s as much capable as it is adaptable. The Volkswagen Tiguan is not only prepared for action but comfortable and spacious, smooth on the road, and it can offer you and your family endless enjoyment no matter where your journeys may take you.