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A black 2022 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate is shown parked in a modern driveway.

The “Ultimate” Driving Experience: How the Sierra Denali Ultimate Is a Luxury Gamechanger

Many vehicles on the road offer extreme luxury—from refined appointments inside, sleek details outside, new-age technology, and many other extravagant features. Few, however, go to the lengths that the 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 does—with its brand-new Denali Ultimate model, which is considered the most advanced and luxurious truck in its class. From the intricate stitching in its pristine interior cabin to show-stopping features dotting its exterior—when you want ultimate luxury, the Sierra Denali Ultimate redefines elegance as we know it in today’s vehicles. Upon further inspection into what makes the Denali Ultimate so special, you’ll find that it takes the Denali line and revitalizes it to include never-before-seen features, comfort elements, and technology to take your drive to new levels. The Denali Ultimate is here, and it proves that intense refinement, radiance, sophistication, and more are in one alluring pickup truck.

Dazzling Designer Details

Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice about the Sierra Denali Ultimate is how beautiful it is, with luxury details cascading out of it. It emanates high-end vibes inside and out, with an exterior that radiates grace and poise. Its restyled front end includes sparkling LED headlamps with animated running lamps, so you always know when it’s coming down the street. Its grille has been redesigned to feature shining Vader Chrome, while exclusive badging can be found tastefully from front to back. From its 22-inch low-gloss black aluminum wheels to its sweeping curves and modern appeal throughout, one look at the 2022 Sierra 1500 Denali Ultimate will leave you speechless.

The Denali Ultimate makes a stunning impression from the back, with a sleek bumper and narrow exhaust pockets for a more streamlined look. Power-assist steps and a MultiPro Tailgate set this pickup apart from its rivals, offering even more convenience, comfort, and versatility to this appealing truck. Plus, with its segment-exclusive CarbonPro composite cargo box, you’ll be able to enjoy maximum durability in its bed. With best-in-class, short-bed cargo volume, handling anything is easy.

Inside, the details continue to come in spades, with Mount Denali topography embossed throughout its cabin on armrests and more, in addition to lavish seating materials and more comfort elements within. Leather trimmings reign supreme inside, from its instrument panel and door panels to its console lid and more to add a sense of incomparable luxury to this esteemed traveler. From the moment you enter its pristine cabin, you’ll be in a world of your own, admiring all of the attention to detail that went into this upscale truck.

The Ultimate badge is shown in a 2022 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate.

“Super”ior Tech

One of the biggest advantages of the Sierra Denali Ultimate is the ability to enjoy hands-free driving through Super Cruise technology. Available on over 200,000 miles of pre-mapped roadways in North America, Super Cruise technology is a revolutionary way to travel, offering more enjoyment and safety to any drive. This first-in-class feature utilizes Adaptive Cruise Control, combined with cameras, sensors, and LiDAR mapping to allow for a truly hands-free experience, something not found in many rivals.

In addition to hands-free driving, the Sierra Denali Ultimate also allows for hands-free towing, taking into consideration aspects of your haul, such as drag, braking distance, and more. When you want to get the most enjoyment out of your travels, with increased focus and safety, there’s nothing quite like launching into Super Cruise.

In addition to semi-autonomous driving capabilities, the Sierra Denali Ultimate showcases an exceptional tech arsenal to make any drive better. With more than 40 inches of digital driver displays, the most in its class, the Sierra Denali Ultimate allows you to stay effortlessly in tune with your drive. From navigation and driver-assist features to connectivity and entertainment, you’re covered in this exceptional truck. Its 13.4-inch diagonal infotainment system helps you to get the most out of your journey, allowing for smartphone integration, as well as a built-in Google Assistant to provide even more convenience on the road. Its customizable 12.3-inch Driver Information Center will enable drivers to stay updated on their journey, as well as their vehicle, from speed limits to safety prompts, driving range, and much more.

Opt for the available 15-inch Head-Up Display and never let your eyes leave the road, with pertinent details displayed right in front of you on the windshield. Information, including speed limit, navigation prompts, incoming calls, and more, are conveniently displayed at eye level, available in multiple page views and other customization options.

Further enhancing the Sierra Denali Ultimate’s tech appeal—the ability to enjoy up to 14 available camera views simply can’t be beaten. Utilizing the HD Surround Vision for a crystal clear view around your vehicle or the Rear Camera Mirror to see better behind you will make parking and backing up a breeze. You’ll even get to enjoy enhanced trailering views, including an industry-first transparent trailer view, to add increased confidence and safety to your haul.

Ultimately Comfortable

A ride in the Sierra Denali isn’t just enjoyable—it’s the best in the industry. As you sink into the lavish furnishings that greet you within its posh cabin, you’ll quickly see why the new Denali Ultimate is re-envisioning the way luxury vehicles are designed. From plush leather seating to open-pore wood trim, there’s no shortage of refinement inside this upscale traveler. Best-in-class, 16-way power-adjustable massaging front seats make any drive a dream, while microsuede visors, trim, and headliner add more elegance to this already alluring model. A power-adjustable steering column allows for even more comfort during your drive, while ample space inside provides the level of comfort everyone on board is looking for while also effortlessly accommodating their gear.

Its 6.2L V8 engine or available 3.0L Duramax Turbo-Diesel combined with a 10-speed automatic transmission provides a smooth and refined ride, with superb handling and responsiveness. An enhanced suspension system with Adaptive Ride Control showcases the most precise ride possible, further amplifying the comfort of your journey. Active dampers with electronically-controlled valves allow for seamless adjustment on any road condition to make for an ultra-smooth ride, one that you could only expect out of a true luxury vehicle.

A black 2022 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate is shown from the rear parked in a driveway.

The Most Luxurious Pickup in Its Class

From its ride quality to all of the designer details inside and out, there’s a reason why the GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate is recognized as being the most luxurious model in its class. GMC has always been a power player in luxury, with its Denali line continuously turning heads. The Denali Ultimate amplifies its appeal, especially when showcased on the Sierra 1500, one of the most desirable trucks on the road. The Sierra 1500 not only features a wonderful assortment of engines to appeal to any driver, but it also offers top-of-the-line tech, features, and other elements to enhance its appeal in the industry.

The Denali line has always been exquisite; however, more rivals were starting to catch up, offering just as much luxury and style, as well as convenience and functionality. Now, however, there seems to be no competing with the Denali Ultimate, which has catapulted itself to the top ranks in terms of luxury, refinement, style, features, tech, and more. For the drivers out there who want to enjoy some of the most luxurious features in a pickup truck, the Sierra Denali Ultimate takes your travels to new heights. There’s nothing quite like it on the road, and we can only imagine that it’s only up from here for this outstanding luxury pickup.