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A red 2019 Chevy Spark is parked under decorative lights after leaving a certified pre-owned Chevrolet dealer.

The Truth About CPO Vehicles

There’s no denying that used vehicles make up a significant share of the vehicles that you see on the road today. Simply put, there are far too many advantages to springing for a pre-owned ride that can save you both time and trouble in the long run. Not all used vehicles are made equal, however, and if you do your research correctly, you can find a local Certified Pre-Owned Chevrolet dealer to score a fantastic deal. Not everyone is familiar with Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles, and they’re sometimes overlooked for a more straight-forward listing from the traditional pre-owned catalog.

Simply put, purchasing used vehicles is typically the most reliable way to save money. For some drivers, there’s still that sense of fear for malfunctions that may or may not have been disclosed to you during the purchase. Although it’s not a constant occurrence, you’ve likely heard horror stories relating to a pre-owned vehicle that broke down not too long after it was purchased. You won’t encounter this problem with a CPO vehicle or many other detrimental issues relating to your typical pre-owned vehicle. But why is that?

What Doesn’t Make the Cut?

A blue 2020 Chevy Silverado RST is shown from a rear angle overlooking a valley.

Not every pre-owned vehicle can or will become a CPO vehicle, which is important to note as the selection process is much more vigorous. Manufacturers such as Chevy will handpick vehicles to be sold at a dealership under a CPO model, and for Chevy to pick said vehicles, they must meet a few prerequisites first. Firstly, for a pre-owned vehicle to become eligible for CPO status, the vehicle must have been released less than six years ago. Additionally, for any vehicle that has an odometer with over 75,000 miles on it, the vehicle will become instantly disqualified.

Once the prospective CPO vehicle passes these two basic requirements, the vehicle must undergo a detailed inspection process that will identify and troubleshoot any potential flaws. Should the vehicle prove to have a malfunction, it’ll either be rectified before its listing or disqualified altogether. These inspections aren’t simple glance overs either, and it’s up to your chosen dealership to put each CPO vehicle through this inspection. According to Chevy, every CPO vehicle must pass a 172-point inspection to be qualified, and this inspection goes through all of the most significant functions of the vehicle, from its powertrain to its safety features.

Another aspect that can immediately disqualify a vehicle from CPO status is a tarnished history report. Your Chevy CPO vehicle should be coming with an accompanying CarFax history report, but it’s worth noting that a vehicle requires a clean record. This serves as yet another layer of trust between the customer and the dealership. Having the history report will mean you won’t be persuaded to purchase a vehicle that has gone through a lot of damage and had multiple repairs done. Combined with the aforementioned inspection and with each vehicle being produced within the past six years and less than 75,000 miles traveled, you will have the peace of mind of a fully operational automobile at a fantastic price.

Why Purchase a CPO Vehicle?

A silver 2017 Chevy Corvette is driving on a road.

Every Chevy CPO vehicle comes with an accompanying warranty from the manufacturer. These aren’t the normal kind of warranties that you’ll find on a standard pre-owned vehicle, as these are the kind of warranties that you’d find alongside a brand new vehicle for sale. Typically speaking, each manufacturer offers a different set of warranties, but when stacked against the competition, Chevy’s warranties are highly generous and surely a beneficial reason as to why you should purchase a Chevy CPO.

Once you purchase your CPO Chevy vehicle, you’ll be granted two manufacturer warranties. These warranties include a Powertrain Limited Warranty and a Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty, the latter of which will cover aspects of your vehicle that are related to functions such as brakes, signal lights, and the likes. You’ll have this warranty for 12-months/12,000-miles, which is a decent amount of time for an unforeseen malfunction to appear, and you’ll be fully covered.

The second sort of warranty that your CPO Chevy vehicle comes with is a Powertrain Limited Warranty, which has far greater longevity. This warranty is effective for up to six years after you purchase your vehicle or up to 100,000 miles traveled on the odometer. A Powertrain Limited Warranty, as the name would imply, covers unforeseen malfunctions relating to any powertrain-related parts, such as the engine and transmission, for example.

CPO vehicles from Chevy also come with a few extras, including two visits to the mechanic for routine maintenance at no extra cost. According to Chevy, these maintenance visits include tire rotations, both oil and filter changes, and lastly, you can receive additional inspections to ensure that everything is still working properly. You’ll have full access to these two maintenance visits for 2-years/24,000-miles since your purchase date.

Should a malfunction ever occur while on the road, fret not as every CPO Chevy vehicle includes roadside assistance, which you can access at any hour of the day. It’s not uncommon for assistance packages such as this to be short-lived and separate from the other included warranties, but your CPO Chevy vehicle will include this amenity for the same 6-years/100,000 miles that the Powertrain Limited Warranty is valid for.

People make mistakes, and to some people, the idea of purchasing a vehicle just to immediately regret your decision for one reason or another can be bizarre. However, the reality of it is that purchasing a vehicle, whether it’s new, used, or a CPO variant, it’s a monumental commitment that you have to make, as your vehicle is likely an important part of your life. Fortunately, Chevy has considered this when creating its CPO warranty model, and you can swap the vehicle that you just purchased for another one, as long as you’ve traveled less than 150 miles in the vehicle, and it has been less than 72 hours. This kind of flexibility just simply isn’t found with a traditional pre-owned vehicle, and certainly not a brand new one.

Should You Buy One?

The answer is yes; you should most certainly invest in a CPO vehicle if you’re in the market for a pre-owned model. While it’s true that you’ll likely be paying a bit extra over the vehicles found in the pre-owned lot, the peace of mind combined that comes from the pre-sale inspection all the way to the incredible warranties that come included can’t be missed. CPO vehicles aren’t just a fantastic choice for those looking to upgrade their pre-existing used vehicle, but even those looking for their first vehicle entirely.

With these accompanying manufacturer warranties, you won’t be spending extra on unforeseen repairs that can occur within the first couple of years after a sale, which is important to remember that all vehicles are prone to malfunction. It’s those who have coverage that manage to save more money in the long run. Once you’re ready to start your journey with CPO vehicles, visit your local dealership and explore their offering. Many dealerships will offer CPO vehicles, and by visiting an online website, you can find a separate catalog that pertains to these models. Should you visit your local dealership, you can even take one for a test drive. You’ll be amazed at the quality and condition of these vehicles, and it won’t take long to want one for yourself.

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