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A blue 2020 Honda Pilot is parked near a lake.

The Top Features You’ll Want in a Pre-Owned Honda Pilot

When you’re looking to buy used, you probably already know that it helps to find vehicles with low mileage and from reputable automakers. One such vehicle with a strong reputation for reliability is the Honda Pilot, which you can surely find at any used Honda dealer. When it comes to an SUV that’s perfect for families or those who travel often with lots of people and gear, the three-row Pilot won’t let you down.

From its spacious and accommodating interior to all of the helpful features designed to make your time on the road better, the Pilot has your journey covered. If you’re shopping used, you’ll want to find something in great condition at a great price; however, you’ll also want to look for the following in a used Honda Pilot to ensure your time behind the wheel will be undeniably satisfying.

Convenient Cargo Options

Many families gravitate toward the Pilot. After all, it’s roomy, providing everyone on board with enough space to relax, and it also has a place for all of your things. From backpacks and school projects to sports equipment, camping gear, and more, having a place for all of your things is essential. That’s why you’ll want to look for models that offer you the cargo solutions you need to add organization to your time on bustling roadways. Look for the following to enhance your journey:

Hands-Free Power Tailgate

Attempting to load up the family can be a challenge, especially when you’re bringing a lot of stuff with you. That’s why it’s recommended to look for models with a hands-free power tailgate to help you load and unload with ease. This feature made its debut in third-gen models, like those from 2022, allowing drivers to access their tailgate by just kicking their foot underneath the rear of the vehicle. This simple motion adds supreme convenience to the journey, which is especially helpful for busy, on-the-go families. To close, just press a button on the cargo area and walk away.

Three rows of seating in a 2022 Honda Pilot Trailsport at a Honda dealer.

Cargo Organization

You’ll also want to look for ways to remain organized on the road in the form of cubbies and an accommodating cargo hold. Models from this current generation focus on organization, with up to 111.8 cu.ft. of space in their cargo areas, as well as an adjustable cargo floor and underfloor storage to maximize interior potential. You’ll also find an astounding sixteen cup holders and various cubbies located throughout the cabin, as well as a removable second-row center console to provide you with more space for all your things when you need them the most.

Ready-for-Anything Capabilities

Whether you’re looking to take on the wilderness or just a spell of snowy weather during the winter, you’ll want a vehicle that offers you a safe and controlled ride. You may be on the hunt for a vehicle that’s exciting, even when you’re primarily driving to the office or shuttling the kids everywhere they need to go. When you want a vehicle that can handle any type of travel scenario, the Pilot is a top choice—and if you want to maximize your journey, pay attention to these features:

All-Wheel Drive

Finding a used Pilot with all-wheel drive is highly recommended, especially if you frequently find yourself traversing uneven terrain or navigating in bad weather. Honda offers its Pilot with exceptional AWD capabilities to elevate traction and stability when you need it the most. You’re able to handle any type of road condition, as well as maintain optimal control around the twists and turns of the road. Sending power to the wheels that need it, all-wheel drive helps you harness supreme peace of mind, no matter what lies beneath your tires.

Nine-Speed Automatic Transmission

Beginning in 2021, third-gen models got a nine-speed automatic transmission standard; before this, a six-speed automatic was standard and didn’t deliver the ride quality that you’ll find with the nine-speed. Being able to enjoy a smooth and refined ride is important, especially when you’re making frequent trips to and from school, running your kids to all their activities, or trekking through rush hour every day. You want to be able to savor your ride, which makes this transmission the one to look for when you want to cruise in your own private oasis on the highway.

Helpful Tech

Many parents choose to trust their journey to the Pilot, and when you’re traveling with kids, it helps to have tech to make your time on the road better for everyone. From ensuring that you remain connected to having access to the tech your kiddos depend on, the Pilot does an outstanding job of providing you with the innovation you demand while in transit. If you’re looking to buy used, be sure you find models with some of the following features:


This in-vehicle PA system makes it easy to communicate with the kids, even when they’re seated on the way back and not paying attention to you. Available in the Pilot, starting with models from 2019, CabinTalk is a safe way to talk to your kids without having to turn around or shout to get their attention. With your voice projecting through the rear speakers, you’ll be able to ask your kids about their day without having to raise your voice, making for an all-around easier ride home from school or stretch between rest stops on an interstate road trip.

The black and grey 2020 Honda Pilot center console and steering wheel.

Wireless Tech

From wireless smartphone integration (via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) to a wireless charging pad, look for used Pilots that offer this great equipment to enhance your time behind the wheel. With these, you’re not cluttering up your space with loads of wires, especially when you’re traveling with a lot of passengers. You’ll have access to all of your must-have apps and more without unsightly wires getting in the way or becoming misplaced while you travel.

Rear-Seat Entertainment System

When traveling with the youngsters, you’ll want to keep them occupied during transit. Fortunately, if you find a used Pilot armed with a rear-seat entertainment system, your rambunctious passengers will remain occupied for longer stretches of time. They’re able to watch their favorite shows or movies, which limits the number of times they’ll ask, “Are we there yet?” This also helps you remain focused on the road ahead instead of being distracted by the kids arguing in the backseat out of boredom.

Finding the Ideal Used Pilot for You

The big perk of buying a Pilot is that this three-row midsize SUV is highly reliable and precisely engineered to deliver a safe and satisfying ride. Buying used works for many drivers because you’re able to shop from multiple model years and find the features that work perfectly for you, all for a price that’s much more affordable than buying new.

Depending on your needs, you’ll want to look for used models that have certain features already included so that you don’t have to pay extra to add them later. For example, finding a Pilot that already has a rear-seat entertainment system will alleviate the need to have one installed aftermarket. So, if you want the best experience possible aboard the Pilot, be sure to look for some of these helpful features.