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A blue 2021 Nissan Maxima is shown from the front at an angle.

The Nissan Maxima Offers Luxury at an Affordable Price

When most people think about luxury, they think about Audi, Cadillac, or Lexus. While these are all celebrated luxury brands, they also come with a luxury price tag. What if you could get some high-level luxury in a much more affordable package that still feels like a high-quality luxury car? If this question piques your interest, you owe it to yourself to check out the Nissan Maxima. From the carefully crafted and designed exterior to the comfortable and luxurious interior, there are many things to love about this standout Nissan sedan.

Anyone in the market for a luxury sedan should absolutely consider a Nissan Maxima for sale not just for its affordability but its truly impressive features and design. The interior has attention in every stitch, looking as great as it feels. The technology will make your life as a driver or passenger a more enjoyable experience as well as a safer one. The performance will also make you wonder why these cars are as affordable as they are since their thrilling engine boasts 300 hp while still giving you a notable 20 MPG in the city and 30 MPG on the highway. The Maxima has luxurious intentions behind every carefully crafted feature, all at an affordable price tag, making it an exceptional sedan worth getting behind the wheel of.

High-End Technology

Driving the Nissan Maxima is an enjoyable experience, all while being safer than many other vehicles in its segment. It comes packed with technology designed around making your everyday driving, as well as long road trips, simpler and safer. The reality is driving can be dangerous and is one of the leading causes of injury and death across the globe. Many modern vehicle manufacturers like Nissan have added a wide variety of safety features to make your travels less dangerous.

Certainly, the driver is always responsible for the safe operation of a vehicle, but as anyone can tell you, multiple layers of safety systems can protect the occupants and are a great way to minimize risk. The modern safety features of the Nissan include Automatic Emergency Braking, Intelligent Cruise Control, and many more advanced features. These systems are a great extra layer of protection that Nissan implemented to make driving the Maxima as safe as possible.
All the safety technology may sound less-than-interesting, but it is certainly a crucial component of any vehicle. What isn’t boring is the wide array of connectivity and multimedia features that help provide the driver and passengers with a luxury experience. Both Apple and Android will easily connect to the infotainment center, allowing you to use navigation, music and podcast apps, and much more. Even calls and texts can be read aloud and responded to without using your hands.

All the audio can then be played aloud on the available Bose Premium Audio System with 11 speakers. On the Maxima, you’ll be able to feel every note of the song with this high-end system. It even has a WiFi hotspot to keep passengers happy and connected throughout their travels. Nissan thought of everything with this stunning four-door sedan. Even forgetting your keys is not the end of the world with the NissanConnect app since you can use your smartphone to turn on your car. From the tiny details to the big tech features, the Nissan Maxima has enough cutting-edge tech for everyone.

The black and red interior of a 2021 Nissan Maxima is shown from the driver's seat.

The Maxima’s Surprisingly Great Performance

Many people don’t expect a Nissan to have next-level driving performance, but the Maxima proves this to be a false expectation. The 3.5 liter V6 engine brings an impressive 300 hp and 261 lb-ft of torque to the road. One of the most surprising things about the Maxima engine is that even with 300 hp, it gets great fuel economy, as stated above. It’s an effective combination of power and efficiency, which makes it a responsible and fun choice for everyone, from solo commuters to those with a small family.

The Maxima is also equipped with three major systems, making your driving experience more responsive and comfortable. No one likes hitting bumps in the road and having the entire car lurch up and down, but it is unavoidable, right? Not according to Nissan; they have Active Ride Control, an advanced suspension system that smooths out bumps significantly more than other standard suspensions. This provides a much smoother ride and more enjoyable ride.

Another situation is taking a tight corner, especially around something like a switchback. Typically, turning into one of these corners requires you to turn the steering wheel multiple times and then turn it back several times to straighten out after the turn. Sure, that is workable, but Nissan wanted more than workable; they wanted luxury. Their Intelligent Trace Control feature helps to sense the roadway and improve responsiveness and turning radius to make even the tightest corners feel like an easy turn.

The third system is the Intelligent Engine Brake. Everyone knows the sound of a semi-truck engine braking to slow down. This downshifting slows down their truck in a way that helps preserve the brakes for longer periods of time. This idea of engine braking is good, even for sedans, which make virtually no extra noise when the engine brakes. On most cars, this solution to save your brakes is a constant need to downshift manually and is a tedious process. Nissan makes it easy since they have automated the engine braking to preserve your brakes. Simply operate your Maxima like any other sedan, and you’ll be left with brakes that wear much slower. All these systems make for a more responsive and refined drive, giving the driver more freedom to enjoy the trip.

An orange 2021 Nissan Maxima is shown from the front after leaving a dealer with a Nissan Maxima for sale.

Unbeatable Value

The Nissan Maxima is one of the best deals for an almost-luxury sedan, but don’t let the price tag make you think it is a cheap car or doesn’t feel like a luxury vehicle. In terms of the quality of the production and the features available, it keeps pace with much more expensive luxury cars. The technology they implemented makes the Maxima a well-rounded and luxurious experience that feels futuristic. The performance and braking enhancements exemplify the care and thought that Nissan puts into the Maxima design. This is more than your typical four-door sedan; this is affordable luxury and innovation. Nissan understands the needs of its sedan drivers and has provided an exceptional four-door sedan that gives them the extravagance they demand packed in a vehicle with plenty of style and innovation.

The luxurious interior will have you falling in love on your first test drive. The Bose Premium Audio System will make you appreciate every word and note of your favorite song while providing the crisp clarity you want in a podcast. Your quick Apple and Android connectivity instantly makes it feel like you are at home in the Maxima. Not sure if you’ll feel the same way? Take a test drive and see what you think. The safety features will make you feel comfortable with taking the family out and about and give you confidence that others around you will be safe while driving. These truly magnificent sedans are carefully designed and crafted with excellence in every aspect, from performance to luxury features; this would be a welcome addition to any garage.