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A silver 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 is shown from the front after leaving a truck dealer.

The Many Functions of GMC’s MultiPro Tailgate

While there are certainly plenty of stylish and comfortable models out there, most people would agree that when it comes to pickup trucks, utility is the most important factor. Whether you’re choosing one for work, recreation, or both, it’s important to keep an eye out for useful features. That’s why GMC developed its MultiPro tailgate for the 2019 model year of the Sierra. Whether you’re looking at a new or used truck dealer, there’s a good chance you’ll come across a GMC model that offers this versatile feature, but you might be wondering exactly what it brings to the table.

Some modern automotive upgrades are so useful they become standard over time, while others are flashy fads that come and go. While it’s clear in hindsight, it can be hard to tell the difference in the moment. One way to figure it out is to look not just at what features are offered but exactly what you’ll do with them in day-to-day life. That’s why we’re covering both what this tailgate does and, more importantly, how it can be put to good use.

If you need it to, the Multipro can work as a traditional tailgate, with a gate that can be opened with one of three buttons: one on the control panel, one built into the gate, and one on the key fob. The primary gate works just like you would expect, lowering to allow full access to the bed. Thanks to a damper and a torsion spring, it’s easy to lower it smoothly and lift it back up without expending too much effort, even if you’re tired out from a hard day’s work.

The Inner Gate

Within the primary gate is an inner gate that can be raised and lowered independently. Depending on how these two gates are arranged, they can be used for several different functions. Pickup trucks are often driven by working people who rely on their vehicles for their job, and they’re also popular with drivers who use them for outdoor recreation, from camping to surfing. GMC has kept both groups in mind, offering practical functions as well as convenience.

If you ever have to load or unload a full bed by yourself, you’ll appreciate the fact that the inner gate can be folded down while the primary gate is open to allow you to reach further into the bed. Since you can step into an area that is normally blocked by the tailgate, you can get about nine inches closer to the cab. This means you don’t have to climb all the way up and into the bed for items that are further from the back of the truck, saving you time and energy.

The inner gate can also be used as a full-width step that can support up to 375 lbs. There’s even a hand grab that can be folded out from the cargo box wall and gripped for more support. While using the rear bumper to get into and out of the bed is still an option, the step and handle can come in handy if you’re recovering from an injury and still need to access your truck. The step can also act as a footrest if you’re sitting in the bed, either to rest and recharge during a break or to relax and chat at a tailgate party. There are even cupholder indents on both sides, which make it an even more comfortable spot to hang out while you kick back a cold one before the big game.

Whether you use it for your job or your hobbies, it’s helpful to have a pickup truck that can function as a workbench as well. Lowering the inner gate alone provides a great surface for working on a variety of projects. Pair this with the available in-bed electrical outlet that the Sierra offers, and there’s no limit to what you can accomplish on the go. While lowering a traditional tailgate can provide a similar improvised table, the inner gate is a bit higher up when folded down, making for a more comfortable height that doesn’t force you to bend over too low and put strain on your back and neck.

The MultiPro Tailgate on a grey 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 is shown open with dirt-bikes.

Two Load Stops

Hauling longer cargo, like lumber or surfboards, is something that a pickup is generally well-suited to, thanks to its open-air bed that allows for some overhang. However, it’s important to make absolutely certain that everything is secure since losing cargo in the middle of a highway is both costly to you and dangerous to other drivers. While bungee cords and cables are still go-to tools for strapping things down, the MultiPro tailgate offers an additional method for securing longer items. You can unfold the primary panel, then unlatch an inside panel and fold it up, creating a solid barrier to help keep contents in place.

If you have more than can fit in a single layer, the bed allows for two-tier loading. You can use a flat platform like a piece of plywood to stack more cargo on top of the bottom tier. If you’re doing this and have longer cargo on top (like a paddleboard on top of your coolers and beach chairs), you can open the inner gate alone to keep it in place. Like the primary gate, there’s a panel inside that can be folded up to form a load stop to help keep objects from slipping out the back.

A Kicker Audio System

Whether you want to add some fun to a workday or be the life of the tailgate party, having a good sound system at your fingertips can often come in handy. The MultiPro Audio System, created by audio company Kicker, adds an extra function to your tailgate: a boombox. Once installed, this weatherproof speaker system is integrated into the inner panel, complete with six large buttons that let you play, pause, power on and off, adjust the volume, and skip or restart tracks. There are three ways to connect your tunes: a USB port, an AUX input, and Bluetooth compatibility, so whether you’re tech-savvy or old-school, you’re good to go. Since this system runs independently of the interior infotainment setup, you don’t need to leave your truck running to use it, saving you fuel and allowing you to make sure the cabin is secure.

A white 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 is shown with the MultiPro Tailgate open.

Which Trucks Have the MultiPro Tailgate?

The MultiPro tailgate is available on the Pro trim of both the 2022 Sierra 1500 and the Sierra HD. Upgrade to a higher trim, like SLT or Denali, and it comes standard. GMC’s Hummer EV Pickup also features the MultiPro tailgate, adding to its laundry list of high-tech features. If you are looking at used trucks, the MultiPro first appeared on the higher trims of the 2019 Sierra, becoming more common as the years went on. Between all these different models and trim levels, you’re sure to find a GMC truck with a body and powertrain that suits your purposes and comes with this versatile tailgate.

Something for Everyone

Since the MultiPro tailgate is so versatile, you should be able to make it work for you, no matter how you use your truck. Football fans can make use of the fold-out step for sitting comfortably and may spring for optional features like in-bed electrical outlets and the Kicker audio system to keep their devices charged and blast their pre-game playlist. Workers who are often loading and unloading cargo can make use of the features that make this job easier, either using the cutout for better access to the bed or using the inner panels as load stops for longer cargos. Of course, plenty of truck drivers use their pickups for both work and play, so the variety of features all loaded into one vehicle are perfect for those who take their truck to a construction site Monday through Friday and then load it up for camping on the weekends. Any way you slice it, this Swiss army knife of a tailgate is a winner.