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A red 2023 Chevy Traverse RS is shown from the front at an angle while driving.

The 2023 Chevy Traverse: An Ideal SUV Made for You and Your Family

The SUV has certainly had a unique evolution over the years, and an integral part of that evolution has been Chevy. The bow-tie brand, as it’s sometimes referred to, has continually redesigned and perfected its SUV lineup to adhere to the standards and needs of many drivers, offering both large incarnations for those who have heavy workloads and scaled-down models that offer conservative fuel consumption and easy handling. However, what about those who need a vehicle that’s somewhere in between?

The 2023 Chevy Traverse is the ideal option for the family-oriented consumer and those who require storage space and performance. This midsize SUV offers three rows of seating for those who need it and can be converted to provide you with a best-in-class max cargo volume of 98.2 cubic feet. It’s not too big to handle, but not too small that it can’t handle everything you need it for. If you’re in the market for an SUV for your family, the 2023 Chevy Traverse is one to take a look at.

Under the Hood and Under Control

The Traverse’s ability to compromise between compact and full-size SUVs is exemplified in the engine that propels the vehicle forward. The Traverse is powered by a 3.6L V6. This engine gives the Traverse an impressive 310 horsepower and the ability to generate 266 lb-ft of torque. This engine is matched to a nine-speed automatic transmission for optimum performance.

Fuel consumption for the Traverse is surprisingly conservative, especially for a three-row SUV. Consumption varies depending on the drivetrain you choose, as the Traverse comes in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. When outfitted with front-wheel drive, you can expect to have 18 MPG in the city, 27 MPG on the highway, and 21 MPG combined. While drivetrains can considerably impact fuel economy, the differences between the ones for the Traverse are minimal. The all-wheel drive Traverse gets 17 MPG in the city, 25 MPG on the highway, and 20 MPG combined. So, if you choose to go for the all-wheel drivetrain in order to have better control in bad weather or on unpaved paths, you won’t lose out on too much fuel economy.

A white 2023 Chevy Traverse is shown from the side on a city street.

Versatility, Thy Name Is Chevy

There’s much more to an effective and capable SUV than simply having an excellent powertrain. Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to determining the overall quality of any SUV. From seating to cargo space, your SUV needs to be able to handle everything you throw at it.

If you’re family-oriented, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that the Traverse has seating for either seven or eight. This means more room for your friends and plenty of space for your passengers of the furrier variety. You don’t have to worry about the young ones not being properly entertained on those longer-than-average commutes; the Traverse comes standard with Chevy Infotainment 3 and is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The Traverse has plenty of storage options to help you maximize your cargo hauling. First, 98.2 cubic feet of maximum storage means it’s ideal for those long road trips and pilgrimages to obtain provisions at the grocery store. You can also fold down the seating in various ways to utilize some passenger capacity and some of the storage space. If your trips involve towing some extra goodies, you’ll be excited to learn that the Traverse has a maximum tow rating of 5,000 lbs when properly equipped with trailering equipment.

Interior Motives

Few things are more enjoyable than being comfortable when you’re behind the wheel. A vehicle that provides all the necessary comfort and amenities is too appealing to say no to. The interior of the Traverse is centered around a seven or eight-inch infotainment center. Nestled perfectly in the middle, you’ll have no trouble accessing all the apps that make trips convenient and enjoyable. Tri-zone climate control also ensures that everyone can enjoy themselves at a temperature that suits them.

When it comes to sound, the Traverse has unique offerings. Standard across all levels of trim is active noise cancellation. This keeps distracting outside sounds exactly where they need to be—outside of the vehicle and not within. Speaking of keeping the sound contained within the cabin, an available ten-speaker high-grade Bose stereo system will drown out distractions and the world’s worries.

Safety and Driving Assistance Features

We’ve saved the best for last. No matter how fast a vehicle might be or how comfortable you are behind the wheel, nothing will ever compare to the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re safe and looked after. Regarding safety, the Traverse is packed with various features meant to keep an extra eye out for you while you’re traveling down the unpredictable road that we call life. Standard on the Traverse is Chevy Safety Assist, a suite of features that provide a safer driving experience and an elevated peace of mind. This suite includes:

Forward Collision Alert

With the help of an array of cameras and sensors, the forward collision alert keeps an extra set of eyes on the road ahead. If an object is in your way or you’re getting too close to the vehicle in front of you, a series of auditory signals will alert you to the danger of a potential collision.

Automatic Emergency Braking

If the safety features on the 2023 Chevy Traverse were professional wrestlers, then automatic emergency braking and forward collision alert would be the tag team champions. Working alongside the forward collision alert, automatic emergency braking engages if a collision is imminent.

Front Pedestrian Braking

Similar to automatic emergency braking, front pedestrian braking is meant to keep an extra eye on the pedestrians that share the streets and sidewalks with you. If the vehicle detects a pedestrian in the road, it will send an alert and begin to apply the brakes in order to prevent or minimize a collision. This will make sure that everyone is safe on the road.

Following Distance Indicator

This safety alert lets you know when you’re getting too close to the vehicle in front of you. It will give you the gap time between you and the car ahead, so you know when you are beginning to tailgate and need to fall back a little bit. Following at a safe distance leaves you enough time to react in case evasive maneuvers have to be implemented.

Lane Keep Assist & Departure Warning

One of the most common causes of traffic accidents is drifting. Lane departure warning monitors the lines on the road and will send an alert if you start to veer from your intended path of travel. Lane keep assist will engage if you have gone too far, providing gentle nudges to the steering to get you centered again. This system will not engage if it senses you are making an intentional lane change or you are using the turn signal.

IntelliBeam High Beam Assist

You might need to use your high beams when visibility is almost nonexistent. However, oncoming traffic can be affected by their use. IntelliBeam high beam assist adjusts the level of your lights depending on light levels and traffic patterns, turning your high beams on and off as needed.

Teen Driver

While not technically part of Chevy Safety Assist, Teen Driver is also standard. This allows you to oversee the driving habits of the younger drivers in your household. You can set curfews, volume limits, and you will get a report card of your teen’s driving whenever they take the car out. This will help teach your teen good driving habits and allow you to breathe a little easier when they are on the road.

A white 2023 Chevy Traverse is shown parked in a driveway.

A Traverse Above the Rest

The 2023 Chevy Traverse is the perfect model for anyone looking to upgrade their family vehicle. Providing performance, comfort, versatility, and safety, it’s no wonder why Chevy is the SUV brand that more Americans rely upon. The Traverse is a blend between the convenience of a compact model and the capability of a full-size SUV, and it is truly a showcase of what Chevy does best––providing customers with practical vehicles that meet all their needs.