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Closeup of red 2019 Mazda CX5 grille

Take Care of Your Mazda with Regular Mazda Service

According to global automotive trends, the aftermarket industry is projected to increase to $722 billion by 2020. This trend signifies that consumers value long-term vehicle ownership rather than buying a new car every 3-5 years. Keeping a car for a long time involves understanding the value of regular vehicle maintenance. Market research by IHS Markit shows that the average vehicle on US roadways is 11½ years old. People are taking care of their cars, or these vehicles wouldn’t still be on the road. You can take care of your vehicle with regular Mazda service, here’s how.

Mazda Service App

One important step you can take in maintaining your Mazda is to download the MyMazda App. This innovative app was designed to help Mazda owners effectively manage the care of their Mazda with their smartphone or mobile device. This app gets calibrated to your vehicle’s mileage. You can view your vehicle’s maintenance schedule directly on the user-friendly app interface. You won’t forget to keep up with regular maintenance on your vehicle when you use this app.

Forget about rummaging through the pile of bills and papers on your kitchen table, searching for the contact information for your Mazda service center. When you need to schedule maintenance appointments, you can easily navigate the app to find the Mazda dealer nearest you. No more wasting valuable time when trying to care for your Mazda.

Another app feature that you’ll love is saving money on vehicle servicing. You can find coupons for vehicle maintenance that are offered exclusively to Mazda owners. There is an interactive guide featuring video demos to help users better understand all aspects of their Mazda.

Keeping track of the service history for your Mazda is a breeze with this app. When registering your vehicle with the app, you can do it by easily scanning the VIN barcode. After service appointments, you can review the full-service inspection results. The app enables easy access to contact Mazda via email, phone, or chat.

Regular Mazda Service

If you want to keep driving your Mazda in good operating condition, then schedule regular service appointments every 12,500 miles or 12 months – whichever comes first. You need this regular maintenance to ensure that your Mazda is operating at optimal capacity and is safe for both you and your passengers. Regularly maintaining your vehicle will improve your resale or trade-in value. Getting regular Mazda service will give you peace of mind. When you bring your Mazda into a certified dealer, you will receive superior quality service from professionally trained automotive technicians that are knowledgeable in all aspects of both old and new models.

Regularly maintaining your Mazda provides the following benefits:

  • Reliable Genuine Mazda Parts Used
  • Quality Tools and Diagnostic Equipment
  • Superior Maintenance by Professionals
  • Excellent, Friendly Customer Service
  • Comfortable Customer Lounge with Free Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary Coffee and Snacks in Lounge
  • Seasonal Mazda Service

In addition to regular maintenance, you may want to bring your vehicle in for seasonal Mazda service. You may be planning a road trip for the summer or holiday winter season. One major part of your vehicle that needs preventive maintenance regarding changing seasons are the tires. You may decide to rotate winter and summer tires on your vehicle or keep on all-season tires year round. It is important to have tire alignment and rotation done so the tread wears evenly and there is better traction.

Preventive seasonal maintenance for the heating and air conditioning in your vehicle is important if you want to enjoy comfortable rides in both cold and hot weather conditions. The Mazda service technician will visually inspect the heating and cooling systems to check for issues with the vents, fluids, or leaks.

Mazda Service Specials

You want to keep your Mazda running like new. Getting regular oil changes, tire rotations and alignment, new brake pads, and transmission inspections will ensure optimal operation of your vehicle. When the oil is replaced, a genuine Mazda oil filter is used to replace the old one. You can count on quality Mazda parts used in your vehicle.

You don’t want your tires to wear unevenly. Do you know if your tires are in the red, yellow, or green? If you have no idea what that means, you should probably check with your Mazda service center to ensure that you are driving with tires that have optimal tread left. Schedule an appointment and let a certified technician check the red, yellow, or green status and let you know if you need new tires.

When tires are not aligned properly, that can reduce gas mileage. Make sure you schedule the next alignment for your tires. The caster, camber, and toe-in will be inspected and adjusted as necessary. Steering linkage and suspension are inspected. The certified technician will check tire wear, pressure, and adjust air pressure as needed. Alignment is computerized to deliver optimal driving performance. Your vehicle will be road tested after the alignment to verify that you’ll experience a smooth ride with expertly aligned tires.

You don’t want to mess around with brake issues. You need quality stopping power in your vehicle. Exceptional Mazda service is available for the front or rear brakes in your car. Only high-quality OEM Mazda brake pads and rotors are used when you need replacements in your vehicle.


Service engine soon light on dashboard

Don’t Ignore the Check Engine Light

Have you ever noticed the Check Engine Light (CEL) come on in your vehicle? It can be easily ignored since your car is most likely still operating. You probably hope that if you ignore it, the CEL will go off since it was only a temporary glitch. However, you shouldn’t ignore the CEL and need to schedule an appointment to have a Mazda service technician run a computerized scan. That scan will identify the trouble code to ascertain what is wrong. Many times, this CEL scan is complimentary at the dealership service center.

A loose gas cap or dirty sensor can trigger the check engine light. The fuel system has an air-tight seal, and if that is no longer properly sealed, fuel evaporates. That means that pressure in the fuel line won’t be adequately maintained. This hurts fuel economy. The fix may be simple by tightening the cap, or you’ll need a new cap.

The CEL light will go on if there are any issues with the fuel and exhaust systems. It may go on due to issues with the oxygen sensors. It may go on if there are issues with the mass air flow sensor. This sensor and the oxygen one are simple fixes. The spark plugs and wiring harness work to burn fuel in the engine and the CEL may go on if there are issues with them. There is slightly more cost involved with parts and labor to have these items replaced.

If the CEL is left unchecked, fuel economy suffers, and the catalytic converter can be damaged. If the catalytic converter is damaged, this can be an expensive part to replace. This final reason is the most important one for having a scan done if the CEL goes on. There may be a simple reason like a loose gas cap or a more involved one dealing with the catalytic converter.

Make sure your Mazda is running smoothly and safely by scheduling your next maintenance appointment. Your car will last for the long haul, and you’ll enjoy many more comfortable drives.