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Let’s just say it like it is. Few experiences in life can be more miserable than a negative car buying experience. And with every dissatisfied customer, it seems that the sentiment is programmed further and deeper into our cultural subconscious; further amplified by the realization that you have little or no control over it. You can’t even predict whether such an experience will be positive or negative. Even if you’re fortunate enough to work with a dealership and/or salesperson that you trust, there are no assurances that you’ll be fully satisfied.

Why? Because the majority of dealerships are focused on getting you to buy one of their cars. And while it may sound like we’re stating the obvious, the question remains: would you rather work with a dealership that (a) wants to sell you one of their cars, or (b) wants to help you to buy the car that you want?

In a nutshell, that’s the difference between a traditional car buying experience…and


A Scenario

After an exhaustive search, you’ve decided that you want to buy a 2016 Chevy Equinox. Knowing that this was the first model year in which the Equinox had been refreshed since 2010, you’ve even dug as far to decide that you want an LT trim with the V6 engine. It gives you all the technology that you need and still fits your budget. (Oh, and you’d like it in Pepperdust Metallic).

So you visit your local dealership. Unfortunately, there are no 2016 Chevy Equinox available on their lot, or through their sourcing methods. While it’s no fault of theirs, it is not uncommon for ‘limited availability’ to be among the first disappointments in a car buying experience. It’s at this point that you realize what we mentioned earlier, that most dealerships are focused on selling you one of their cars.

So there are a couple of 2015 Equinox on the lot. In fact, for any difference in price, you could even afford the top-of-the-line LTZ trim. Unfortunately, your search for 2016 was heavily driven by your dislike of the 2015’s fascia (besides, Pepperdust Metallic wasn’t offered in 2015).

There are also some newer models available, but you really didn’t want the higher price tag of 2017. First, it will force you to settle for the more modest LS trim based on your available budget. Second, all but one comes with the less powerful 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. Sure, there’s a V6 in Pepperdust Metallic, but it’s 2018 (and you’re not even getting into that conversation).

So what do you do? Move on to another dealership? Settle for a vehicle that doesn’t meet all of your expectations?


Another Scenario

After an exhaustive search, you’ve decided that you want to buy a 2016 Chevy Equinox LT in Pepperdust Metallic. You log onto, enter in your specifications. They find you a 2016 Chevy Equinox LT which you purchase, and which they deliver to your door.

And you thought you’d need to make a concession.


The Difference

Remember…it’s the difference between ‘selling you a car’ and ‘helping you to buy the car that you want’.

Any vehicle purchase is a major investment. Why settle for something you don’t want, simply because one resource fails to make it available. Think of as the automotive equivalent of Amazon Prime. If you could find something online, but not in the store, wouldn’t you simply order it online if the price was right and you could get it delivered for free?

Of course, you would. So why should your car buying experience be any different?


The Work Done For You

The experience ends with the perfect vehicle being delivered to your door. But it begins with a nationwide network of sellers. uses this network to find that perfect vehicle, which you may be unable to find through local dealerships.

All you need to do is enter the specifics. Imagine minimizing your hours of research and hunting dealer inventories. does the work for you, in order to guarantee your satisfaction.


Need Financing?

Not a problem. In fact, uses the same approach to secure financing, utilizing a nationwide network of lenders to ensure that no borrowers are denied. This is just another way that minimizes the burden on your valuable time, in order to help you buy the car that you want.


Got a Trade-in?

No worries. can help you to value your trade-in, and will even arrange for the pick-up of that vehicle once you finalize your purchase!


Free Delivery & Satisfaction Guarantee

And as we said, regardless of where in the country you are, and wherein the country found your new vehicle, they will have it delivered to you free of charge. Should you decide within 3 Days or 300 Miles (whichever comes first) that it’s not the perfect fit for your, will help you to exchange it or will offer your money back.


But That’s Not All…

First, offers a $500 Lower Price Guarantee, allowing you to make the most of your buying dollar with immediate savings off local dealer pricing. On top of that, every vehicle comes with the promise of a clean CARFAX Vehicle History Report as well as a Free Lifetime Mechanical Warranty.


Visit today

Unless of course, you’d prefer to spend hours of your time on research, only to risk potential disappointment due to limited availability. Plus, you may very well enjoy losing an entire day within a dealership, feeling pressured and shuffled around.

We joke (kind of). Rest assured, there are countless dealerships with extensive inventories, that provide excellent service and look out for their customers. You may even be lucky enough to work with one of them.

The goal of is simply to make it easier. Offering a team to do the work for you, and to guarantee your satisfaction in a world where there are no guarantees.