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A grey 2022 Honda Accord LX is shown from the rear driving on an open highway.

Making Sense of the 2022 Honda Accord Trims

The Accord is one of the most popular midsize cars in its class, and the 2022 Honda Accord is no exception. So what makes the 2022 Accord so appealing? Its solid engineering, overall quality, and exceptional value. But there’s more to it than that.

Honda also gives you plenty of options with the 2022 Accord’s five-trim lineup. But what differentiates the trims beyond the obvious price differences? Here’s your guide to the 2022 Accord lineup, a great starting point for finding the best Accord for your budget, driving, and style needs.


The LX starts the Accord’s 2022 lineup. Typically, entry-level trims don’t offer an overwhelming number of features. However, the 2022 Accord LX is an exception. Its many standard features make it more than worthy of consideration.

For starters, the Honda Sensing suite of safety and driver-assist features is standard across the lineup, including the LX. This suite includes automatic braking, collision alerts, lane departure alerts, a multi-angle rearview camera, and adaptive cruise control. While standard safety suites are becoming a norm across the industry, the Accord’s suite offers more than most and adds to the sedan’s exceptional value.

Beyond the Honda Sensing suite, you and your passengers will stay comfortable with the LX’s dual-zone climate control. You’ll also find plenty of connectivity features centralized on the LX’s standard 8-inch touchscreen display. The display gives you access to your favorite apps via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto integration.

From the outside, the LX is sophisticated and stylish with its 17-inch alloy wheels and LED low-beam headlights. These features and the LX’s extensive connectivity and safety tools are surprising finds in an entry-level model. It shows Honda’s commitment to its customers and the automaker’s keen ability to deliver a base trim that checks enough boxes to satisfy the needs of budget-friendly Accord shoppers.

A red 2022 Honda Accord Sport is shown speeding down a city street.


The next level in the Accord fleet is the Sport, which adds more standard features and a few exclusive upgrades. What’s nice about the Sport is that you get many more options and features for a small bump in price. Plus, the Sport adds an edgy design and details to match, making the trim truly unique both inside and out.

The Sport distinguishes itself with 19-inch alloy wheels, full LED headlights and fog lights, and chrome exhaust finishers. While the Accord is far from a sports car, the Sport looks the part and gives the sedan an extra boost in power. While the Sport comes standard with a 192-horsepower turbocharged engine, Honda helps you satisfy your need for speed with the available 252-horsepower engine and 10-speed automatic transmission. These features make the Sport an obvious choice for drivers looking for efficiency with an edge.

Inside, the Sport offers several more luxuries and conveniences like a power driver’s seat, leather-wrapped steering wheel, an 8-speaker audio system, and rear USB ports. These are in addition to the features that come standard on the LX. You can also add features like wireless phone charging, remote start, and heated front seats. Between these features and the upgraded engine, the Sport delivers performance and luxury at a reasonable price.

Sport Special Edition

The mid-level trim for the 2022 Accord is the Sport Special Edition. Despite its similar name and near-identical exterior to the Sport, the Sport Special Edition is considered a separate trim. So what differentiates it from the Sport?

Focusing less on performance and more on handling, the Sport Special Edition only offers one powerplant–the 192-horsepower turbocharged engine. Unlike its sportier counterpart, it doesn’t offer wireless charging or advanced safety features like blind-spot monitoring, nor does it come with an expansive moonroof that makes the cabin feel more spacious. Instead, the Sport Special Edition focuses on luxury and delivers a premium driving experience. The trim comes with leather seating and heated front seats, an added luxury for you and your co-pilot. In addition, Honda’s Smart Entry with Walk Away Lock adds convenience and ensures you don’t have to dig for your keys to lock or unlock the sedan.

These features are certainly an upgrade and make the Sport Special Edition an attractive trim. However, the lack of a moonroof, wireless charging, and advanced safety features is a dealbreaker for some drivers. If that’s the case for you, you’ll likely find everything you’re looking for in the Accord EX-L.


Nearing the top of the 2022 Honda Accord trim lineup is the EX-L. You’ll get nearly all the top-of-the-line features without paying the top-of-the-line price. The EX-L also signifies the Accord’s transition from sporty to refined and luxurious. This transition into a premium sedan is apparent inside and out on the stunning and sophisticated EX-L.

The features missing from the Sport and Sport Special Edition make their way into the EX-L. Inside, the trim features wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and wireless smartphone charging for optimal convenience. You’ll also find a power moonroof, power front seats, and a 10-speaker audio system.

The EX-L sits on 17-inch alloy wheels and features LED headlights and fog lights for maximum visibility. It’s also the first trim in the fleet to offer courtesy lights. Because of these features, it’s hard to go wrong with the EX-L because it delivers luxury at an attractive price. And, because it focuses more on premium materials and conveniences, it’s ideal for drivers indifferent to sport-like handling and the beefier engine found under the hood of a trim like the Sport.

A man is shown walking his dog near a silver 2022 Honda Accord Touring.


Last but not least is the 2022 Accord Touring. This trim takes premium to the next level with extra special standard features. You may pay a premium price for the Accord Touring, but for those in the market, it’s worth it.

The Accord Touring combines the best of the Sport and EX-L. It sits on the larger, 19-inch alloy wheels and comes standard with the bigger, 252-horsepower engine and 10-speed automatic transmission. Of course, you’ll find all the features from the EX-L, along with additions like heated rear seats and ventilated front seats. Another added convenience is the standard head-up display that projects vital vehicle information like speed, mileage, navigational cues, and more on your windshield.

Like the other trims, the Accord Touring comes standard with the Honda Sensing suite. However, it also adds another feature–low-speed braking control. The tool automatically applies the brakes at low speeds when it senses a potential collision. This feature gives you greater confidence and peace of mind when you’re behind the wheel.

It’s easy to go on about the Accord Touring, but it’s obvious that the Touring offers the most premium driving experience in the entire lineup. The Touring combines the reliability and value of the Honda name with luxury and affordability. This balance makes the Touring an excellent option for those with a penchant for opulence and a passion for everything Honda has to offer.

You Have Options With the 2022 Honda Accord

The 2022 Honda Accord is an impressive midsize sedan that meets the needs of families, couples, commuters, and everyone in between. Its five-trim lineup might seem overwhelming at first, but diving deeper into each trim gives you a better idea of what each Accord has to offer. From the impressive LX and the edgy Sport to the premium Touring, you can’t go wrong with the 2022 Accord.