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Available from used auto sales near me, a grey 2024 Chevy Traverse, is shown driving.

Looking for a Reliable Pre-Owned SUV? Consider the Chevy Traverse

The Chevrolet Traverse has been a popular midsize SUV since its debut in 2008. However, as more people begin to consider used vehicles over brand-new ones, many wonder if the Traverse is a good option for a pre-owned SUV. Sure, it offers pretty good performance and has a ton of space, but safety and reliability are also important. Additionally, finding a reliable used SUV is important because the vehicle will already have a decent number of miles on the odometer before you get it. For those wondering, “What are the best used auto sales near me?” you’re sure to find a variety of pre-owned Traverse options as you begin your search. Here’s a look into whether or not the Chevrolet Traverse is a good option for people in the market for a used SUV.

An Efficient Ride With Solid Performance

The Chevrolet Traverse could be a solid option for those looking for a used SUV, with performance at the top of their list of must-haves. Those looking for a gently used SUV might consider the 2022 Traverse. It comes with a 3.6-liter V6 engine with a maximum output of 310 hp and a torque of 266 lb-ft. It has both front and all-wheel drive configurations and utilizes a 9-speed automatic.

Regarding speed, there are faster midsize SUVs on the used car market, but let’s face it: you won’t be taking your SUV out on the racetrack anytime soon. However, the Traverse is fairly solid in this regard. It accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 6.8 seconds. It also provides decent fuel efficiency for those looking to save at the pump. The 2022 Traverse can get you 18 MPG in the city and an impressive 27 MPG on the highway.

The Interior Is Packed With Innovative Storage Features and Useful Tech

The Chevrolet Traverse could also be a great option for a used SUV because of its spacious and feature-rich interior. It may not be the most advanced cabin on the market, but it’s well-built and has modern tech features. It has seating for up to eight people and includes ample storage space. Additionally, passengers have tons of room to spread out. According to reports by Car and Driver, you can fit about six carry-on bags behind the third row. However, you get much more when you fold the second and third rows; 98.2 cu.ft. to be exact. The Traverse also includes ample first-row cubby storage, allowing you to take full advantage of this ample space.

This interior volume is further enhanced by numerous features to help make organizing passengers and cargo a breeze. It begins with Chevy’s second-row Smart Slide Seating, which allows easy access to the third row by simply sliding the second row forward. This makes it easy to reach the back row or cargo area without needing passengers to move or rearranging cumbersome seating. On top of its plethora of storage compartments, hidden storage is available behind the touchscreen to hide any valuables you might have with you. Chevy has put a lot of work into the design of the Traverse, so it is worth keeping your eye out for the most recent model years when exploring the pre-owned market.

Regarding technology, the 2023 Traverse comes standard with a 7-inch touchscreen, with the option for an 8-inch version, depending on the trim you choose. It also has a ton of USB ports throughout the vehicle, which is one of the most important automotive features in the modern age. The Traverse is also compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Beyond the 2022 model, buyers can also invest in other recent models for a similar experience, as the Traverse has remained the same for the last few model years. However, the upcoming 2024 edition seems to be a bit of a refresh of sorts for the vehicle. Overall, the interior of the Traverse is solid and should stand up to normal wear and tear.

A red 2024 Chevy Traverse is shown parked outside a building.

Safety Is Standard on More Recent Traverse Models

Safety is another positive aspect of a pre-owned Chevrolet Traverse. Luckily, practically all the recent models hold this distinction. The 2023 model may not be a Top Safety Pick+ from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), but it scored high marks and is considered a solid choice for those shopping in the used market. For context, the IIHS tests the vehicle in various crash situations to see how it protects in the event of a crash. Additionally, the organization evaluates things like headlights, seat belt warnings, and seat belt latches.

The Traverse is also highly regarded for its safety features, which are featured in recent models as the Chevy Safety Assist suite. Some of the most notable are Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, and some used models will have Adaptive Cruise Control. Investing in a pre-owned Traverse from the most recent model years will ensure you get this standard suite, as well as additional safety and driver-assistance features that come on specific trims like HD Surround Vision and Rear Park Assist.

A Pre-Owned Traverse Has Many More Miles Ahead of It

Reliability is one of the most important aspects of buying a used car. This is because the vehicle has already been on the road before you got it, so you need an option that has a lot more life in it. Luckily, the Chevrolet Traverse excels in this regard. J.D. Power gave the 2022 model an 84 out of 100 in reliability, which is pretty noteworthy. This means the vehicle will be there for you for many years and miles ahead. According to reports, the Traverse should last between 150,000 and 200,000 miles. This measurement also means that some older versions of the Traverse will also have quite a few more years of driving left in them.

The black interior of a 2024 Chevy Traverse Z71 is shown.

The Chevy Traverse Is a Wise Used Vehicle Investment

The Chevrolet Traverse is an all-around great midsize SUV to buy used. Not only does it offer solid performance, but it has a spacious and well-made interior. It may not have the most advanced tech on the market, but it more than gets the job done for people who want a used SUV with awesome features. Also important is that people can trust the later models of the Traverse to provide years of trips, experiences, and quick commutes around town, as the Traverse is a versatile SUV.

There are many options out there for used vehicles, which can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Luckily, Chevrolet is regarded for producing quality vehicles, which means its options, even beyond the Traverse, are fairly safe bets. However, there is a reason why so many people choose the Traverse with its approachable look and high safety ratings. Additionally, it’s a vehicle that works well for all types of drivers despite Chevrolet marketing it as a family SUV. This means that even college students might appreciate the Traverse. Luckily, your local used Chevy dealer will have tons of options to test drive and choose from. For a used SUV, it’s hard to beat the Traverse with all it has to offer.