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A blue 2024 Buick Encore GX Avenir is shown parked in a driveway after leaving a Buick dealer.

Is the new 2024 Encore GX Avenir a Good Buy? Consensus Says Yes!

Take a look at the all-new 2024 Encore GX Avenir at your local Buick dealer, and get ready to be impressed. The all-new Encore GX Avenir is the newest trim level to be added to the Buick Encore GX’s lineup. If you’re looking to get a little extra luxury for yourself, you might be wondering if the Encore GX Avenir is for you. We get it; there are plenty of great high-end trim options out there, so it can be hard to decide which is worth it and which falls flat.

So what’s the story with the all-new Encore GX Avenir? Is it a trim worth upgrading to? Or is your money better spent on a less expensive option? These are great questions and ones we’re hoping to answer as we look closer at the Avenir and see what it has to offer drivers. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to upgrade to the latest high-end trim offering from Buick, read on to see what the Avenir has in store for you. When it comes to your money, you want to make sure it’s going where you need it to. Never compromise when it comes to the performance and comfort you’re looking for.

What Is the Encore GX and Its Trim Options?

Before we examine the Avenir trim up close, let’s briefly look at the 2024 Encore GX and its other trim offerings. After all, it’s hard to compare the Avenir trim if you’re not sure what you’re comparing it to. The 2024 Encore GX received a light facelift for 2024 that elevated its naturally sophisticated trim and gave it a sculpted modern edge. One difference drivers might notice right off the bat is the subcompact’s new logo. The Encore GX sports the new Tri-Shield badge, a symbol of the company’s new direction.

The Encore GX has three trim offerings for 2024, with the entry-level Preferred trim starting at $26,895. The standard Encore GX sports a new grille design and a class-leading 11-inch infotainment screen across all trim levels. The next level up is the Sport Touring Edition. This was initially offered as a package, but considering its popularity, Buick decided to make it a trim option all its own. Drivers will notice subtle differences like an embroidered Sport Touring Logo on the seats and gloss-black rear bumper accents. Despite it being the Sport Touring trim, like the Preferred trim, it comes standard with front-wheel drive and the same 11-inch infotainment screen.

The third trim level, the all-new Avenir, has the elegant styling of the Encore GX but with subtle extra touches that make it stand out from the other two trim levels. Buick went all out with this trim level offering exclusive interior and exterior features that can only be had on the Avenir, such as glossy black wheels and embroidered leather seating. The Avenir has a lot to offer drivers looking to upgrade. If you’ve been thinking about the Encore GX but want a little more in the way of looks and features, the Avenir trim might be right up your alley.

A close up shows the dash and interior is shown in a 2024 Buick Encore GX Avenir.

The Avenir at a Glance

The Avenir trim package is the high-end offering of the 2024 Encore GX. It gives drivers the option to add a convenience package as well as a technology package complete with a panoramic moonroof. Drivers might be wondering if a few upgrades in appearance are all the Avenir trim has to offer. Don’t worry; the Avenir is bursting with details and design that make this model the best of the bunch.

Going by just looks, drivers will notice the Avenir looks slightly more refined and upscale than the entry-level Encore GX. The exterior monotone molding, along with subtle chrome accents, give the Avenir a more streamlined appearance without being too flashy. While its slightly larger 19-inch pearl nickel finish wheels help set it apart even more from the other two trims, which are offered with 18-inch wheels in either aluminum or glossy black. The Avenir trim is also designed with an exclusive grille designed just for the model. Drivers get redesigned sleek headlamps plus clear lens LED tail lamps. Drivers can also expect exclusive Avenir side and door badges as well as embroidered on the leather seating.

Avenir Power and Performance

While the Avenir trim comes standard as a front-wheel drive model, drivers get the option to level up to an all-wheel drive model if they prefer. When you upgrade to all-wheel drive, expect to get a nine-speed transmission for unforgettable performance plus exceptional fuel economy. This is a great option for drivers who often have to tackle wet or snowy roads and want increased performance from their vehicles.

As for the engine, drivers can expect an ECOTEC 1.3L. This is a step up from the Preferred trim but the same as the Sport Touring engine. The engine delivers a robust 155 horsepower and 174 lb-ft of torque.

The Buick Encore GX itself ranks at the top of lists like J.D. Power, placing first in the 2022 Initial Quality Study. So it’s really no surprise that the all-new 2024 Avenir is equipped with the finest engineering that Buick has to offer. While the design of the Encore GX Avenir is understated and elegant, the SUV still delivers a practical but thrilling experience that takes your everyday drive to an all-new level.

Designed With the Driver in Mind

The Encore GX Avenir delivers a comfortable cabin of high-end materials that adds a touch of luxury to your everyday travels. The tech is intuitive, while the seating is comfortable and supportive for drivers and passengers alike. The SUV has been refreshed thanks to Buick’s exclusive Virtual Cockpit System (VCS). This system delivers a total of 19 inches of high-definition screens, including a class-leading 11-inch infotainment screen plus a diagonal driver cluster screen that is fully customizable. The screens are designed to slope downwards towards the driver, making reaching, touching, tapping, and swiping quick and easy.

Apple CarPlay or Android Auto lets drivers connect their smartphones for a personalized drive experience that lets them access favorite playlists, podcasts, messages, and navigation. Drivers looking to leave tangles of chargers behind can opt for wireless charging by simply putting their phone on the charging pad and letting it power up while they focus on the road ahead.

Soft and high-end materials are used throughout the cabin. The leather upholstery available in Whisper Beige or Jet Black color schemes is accented with an embroidered Avenir logo. To take the chill off of your early morning commute, enjoy heated front seats and steering wheel plus remote start to warm up your cabin before you get in. The ten-way power driver seat and eight-way power passenger seats help keep you comfortable from head to toe. Little creature comforts like an air ionizer and rearview auto dim mirror demonstrate that the Avenir trim was designed with details in mind.

The standard Buick Driver Confidence package rounds out the Avenir tech offerings. The safety suite includes six different safety systems. Drivers also have the option to level up to an advanced package for even more safety and driver assist features.

A close up shows the passenger side taillight on a red 2024 Buick Encore GX ST.

Is the Encore Avenir Worth It?

As Buick’s most upscale trim offering, the Avenir, takes the compact Encore GX to all new levels. Drivers who want a whole lot of features and comfort in a compact package will finally get it thanks to Buick. 2024 is the first year the luxurious Avenir trim level was made available for the popular Encore GX.

The Avenir sits at the top of the pack, offering drivers stellar performance, an airy high-end cabin, plus plenty of the latest tech features that were designed to make driving feel like second nature. Extras like heated seats and premium leather upholstery show drivers where their money is going. Buick has taken the Encore GX and created a sophisticated, modern machine that appeals to commuters, families, and solo drivers alike. The sculpted exterior combined with a refined interior makes the Avenir more than worth it. Take a step up from the ordinary and experience the extraordinary from behind the wheel of the 2024 Encore GX Avenir today.