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A red 2024 Chevy Equinox RS is shown from the front at an angle.

Is the 2024 Chevy Equinox the Most Practical SUV?

Practicality is one of the primary staples of the Chevrolet brand. Each vehicle in the Chevy lineup is designed to suit the needs of drivers looking for a car that can help them make the most of their day-to-day routine, prioritizing comfort, efficiency, and safety in every model. You can look at any Chevy vehicle and find a multitude of reasons that make it suitable for drivers who look for practicality above all else, but if there’s one vehicle that will be able to help make the most of your daily commute, it’s the 2024 Chevy Equinox.

In all of its previous iterations, the Equinox has helped give drivers the efficiency and versatility to take on whatever they need to do, making it a popular vehicle in Chevy’s catalog. The updated 2024 model is shaping up to be quite an improvement on both of these fronts and so much more, helping drivers heighten the payoff of every drive and minimizing the costs.

On top of all that, the 2024 Equinox now makes many of its optional amenities more available, increasing the vehicle’s capability even further. The Equinox is a special SUV, and whether you are driving alone or with a family in tow, there are all sorts of features that the Equinox has up its sleeve that will be sure to serve you and yours in ways that you won’t find in a vehicle of another brand. With all the improvements that the 2024 model brings, the Chevy Equinox is shaping up to bring a whole new meaning to the term practical SUV.

Performance and Efficiency

The 2024 Chevy Equinox brings a well-rounded driving experience to the table, providing enough capability to offer a fun and sporty ride while not going overboard to the point of making the ride too bumpy. Coming standard with a 1.5-liter Turbo I-4 engine that produces 175 hp and 203 lb-ft of torque, the Equinox certainly has the power drivers need to take on anything that the day brings. The 2024 Equinox also comes standard with a six-speed automatic transmission that aids the vehicle in providing a peppy and dynamic ride.

The 2024 Equinox particularly shines on the front of efficiency, allowing drivers to worry less about getting gas and focus more on the task ahead of them. With the all-wheel drive model, the 2024 Equinox gets an EPA-estimated 24 MPG in the city and 30 MPG on the highway, a highly competitive fuel economy among other SUVs. The 2024 Equinox model’s efficiency is further improved when looking at its front-wheel drive iteration, which affords drivers an estimated 26 MPG in the city and 31 MPG on the highway, meaning that this new Equinox is capable of saving drivers gas money like never before.

A blue 2024 Chevy Equinox Premier is shown from the side.

Robust Safety Features

Safety is the most important aspect to consider when looking for a new SUV, especially when you’re accounting for your whole family. To that end, the 2024 Chevy Equinox has safety offerings that put the competition to shame, coming standard with an all-encompassing safety suite, ensuring that every journey can be made with confidence and peace of mind.

In the 2024 Equinox, the Chevy Safety Assist package comes standard with the vehicle and includes Forward Collision Alert, Automatic Emergency Braking, Front Pedestrian Braking, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, and Following Distance Indicator. You can rest easy knowing that the 2024 Equinox is helping to monitor your vehicle’s surroundings and will alert you in the event that things get a little too close for comfort, helping to prevent accidents before they can happen.

Additionally, select safety features that aren’t included standard with the vehicle can be added, depending on which trim level you choose. For example, HD Surround Vision cameras and Adaptive Cruise Control can be added to the LT, RS, and Premier trim levels of the 2024 Equinox, allowing drivers who prioritize safety to fortify their SUV even further.

Ready for Anything

Of course, if practicality is what you’re after, convenience features are likely high up on the list of things you’re looking for in an SUV. The 2024 Equinox now comes standard with a variety of amenities on more trims, increasing the vehicle’s overall convenience so that you can travel knowing that your handy Equinox is ready for anything.

The 2024 Equinox LT now comes standard with a power liftgate and heated seats, making it more convenient to get into the rear of the vehicle at a moment’s notice. Additionally, the 2024 model comes standard with LED headlights and a Wi-Fi hotspot, giving drivers increased vision and connectivity while out on the road.

A variety of features that increase the vehicle’s entertainment capabilities also come standard with the 2024 Equinox. This includes a seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, giving drivers and passengers the ability to control their smartphones and audio entertainment with ease.

Moreover, the new Equinox has plenty of space for passengers and cargo alike, making it a great vehicle for outdoor excursions by yourself or with all your kids. With a comfortable and spacious interior that seats up to five, the 2024 Chevy Equinox has 40 inches of headroom and 40.9 inches of legroom in the front and 38.5 inches of headroom and 39.9 inches of legroom in the back so that everyone can travel comfortably.

The 2024 Equinox model’s back seats are capable of folding down, allowing for extra storage space when driving alone or with one other person. When the back row of seats is folded down, the Equinox features up to 63.9 cu.ft. of space. When the back seats are upright, the 2024 Equinox still offers plenty of cargo volume, with 29.9 cu.ft. of space in the trunk.

The black dash of a 2024 Chevy Equinox RS is shown.

A Sturdy and Reliable Ride

Chevy cars are made to handle anything that comes their way. For drivers looking for daring adventure and hard work, there’s a model out there that can suit them perfectly, but its important to remember that there are also plenty of options for drivers looking for a practical, well-balanced ride that can offer plenty of comfort and convenience for years to come. The Chevy Equinox has always been a noteworthy vehicle on these fronts. With all the developments that the 2024 model brings, that tradition is sure to continue.

The SUV may be a type of vehicle that is commonly associated with families, and the Equinox certainly has plenty to offer drivers who are transporting younger riders, but there is plenty that a sturdy SUV can do for drivers riding solo as well. The 2024 Chevy Equinox offers the efficiency and dexterity that drivers need to tackle that daily commute with precision. With its competitive fuel economy, whether you’re going out of town to visit relatives or making your way to a work event, you’ll be able to stay behind the wheel longer and save money while you do it.

Chevy, as a brand, has always prioritized three things in all of its vehicles: safety, performance, and practicality. The 2024 Equinox is the perfect example of a Chevy SUV that delivers on all three of these fronts and more. The Equinox has always been associated with delivering a sturdy and reliable ride, and with the 2024 model, it’s clear that it will continue to do so for years to come.