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A red 2023 Lexus ISF is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a Lexus dealer.

How Lexus and Its Exceptional Luxury Has Earned the Title of “Status Symbol”

In 1983, Toyota made a very important decision: they wanted footing in the luxury market; thus, the Lexus brand was born. The first Lexus hit the market in 1989, and its evolution throughout the past 30 years has made it one of the top-selling luxury Brands for decades, competing with the likes of Lincoln, Cadillac, and Mercedes. Many wonder how Lexus so rapidly climbed to the top in the luxury car category. For one thing, Lexus dealerships have revolutionized automotive customer service, introducing perks once never before seen by other manufacturers, like replacement vehicles during repairs and breakfast buffets at dealerships.

Toyota also made a smart branding move: they gave all Lexus vehicles their own separate dealership so that the more affordable Toyota models would be nowhere nearby. In that way, they almost established Lexus as its own company, making it so a Lexus dealer was a clear destination for high-end buyers. Lexus is also known for constantly pushing the envelope in innovation, with a team of designers paying close attention to what drivers want. So, is Lexus a status symbol? Yes, Lexus is a status symbol, as is proven by the celebrities that drive it, the prestigious design awards that have popped up around it, and some of the breathtaking top trims and models available in the lineup. Here’s a full look at why Lexus has rightfully earned its status symbol title.

It’s a Designer’s Dream

Anyone who is anyone in the design world wants a piece of the Lexus pie. Lexus has been putting on their prestigious Lexus Design Awards for over 10 years and counting. The contest receives thousands of submissions from around the world, representing the finest talent in design and engineering. Lexus selects participants who best represent their core values of innovation, captivation, and anticipation. Finalists get to enjoy mentorship by design icons and participate in multi-million-dollar prototype projects. Participating in this competition alone is a status symbol. The greatest minds around the world aspire to be a part of it.

Celebrities Proudly Drive Them

Some of the top celebrities known internationally drive a Lexus. Oscar-winning actor Halley Berry has driven one, as well as “Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker. America’s sweetheart Reese Witherspoon has also been a proud Lexus owner. One of the singers with the smoothest voices on the planet, John Legend himself, owns one, along with actress Mila Kunis. These are individuals with nearly limitless budgets who have likely experienced and sampled the most luxurious vehicles in the world. They know a status vehicle when they see it.

A blue 2023 Lexus RCF is shown from the rear at an angle.

Some Models Are Built for Speed

Many would say that sports cars and luxury are synonymous. Drivers who feel that way would certainly agree that Lexus is a status symbol because of the incredibly fast and powerful sports cars in its lineup. For starters, there is the GS F that can hit 168 MPH. Then there’s the RC F Track Edition, which can reportedly go from 0 to 60 in under four seconds. If having a vehicle that creates a gust of wind as it zips past people and has that satisfying hum of a powerful engine is a status symbol, then Lexus enthusiastically takes the honor.

It Has a History of Appearances on the Big Screen

Lexus has quite a history of being on the big screen. Plus, it often appears in movie franchises that have developed a reputation for having the most advanced, innovative, and attractive vehicles. In Men in Black: International, a Lexus was transformed into a spaceship that helped protect the Earth against alien entities. A fictional Lexus appeared in the 2002 film Minority Report, which depicted a futuristic world where authorities could predict crimes before they occurred and fought them in the coolest vehicles. It even appeared in Black Panther, when a speedy vehicle was needed for a race scene in the streets of Busan. One thing is clear: throughout movie history, films depicting futuristic worlds with innovative design and technology have picked Lexus as their vehicle of choice.

It Has a Serious Luxury Trim

Lexus has one very serious luxury trim that’s found on many of its vehicles, known as the Takumi trim. It comes with high-end luxuries such as leather upholstery, a panoramic sunroof, a 360-degree camera, wireless charging, and heated front and rear seats. Drivers can also choose to add something called the Takumi Pack to other trims, which will add front seat ventilation, a 13-speaker Levinson stereo system, navigation, a sunroof, and door mirror memory settings.

Some Are Very, Very Expensive

Lexus does not attempt to put on any airs about being a budget option. In fact, some Lexus vehicles are considered collector’s items and go for upwards of $100,000. Take the LFA, for example. With only 500 of these ever produced, this vehicle – considered one of the most flawless “sound machines” in vehicle history – typically sells for nearly $120,000, and we all know what someone is paying for when they spend that much on any material item: status.

The Manufacturer Has Won Many Awards

Lexus has won many awards, all related to luxury. In 2021, the LC convertible was named the best luxury car in the Women’s World Car of the Year Awards. The Netherlands Consumer Association gave it the “most reliable” designation in 2020. An Array of European Lexus retailer locations received the Kiwami award in 2022 for offering the “ultimate” guest experience from countries such as Germany, Norway, and Spain.

A silver 2023 Lexus LC500 convertible is shown from the rear at an angle.

They’re Joining the Electric Revolution

Lexus also announced plans to go fully electric by 2035 and will be putting 70 billion dollars into ensuring that plan happens. They’re building a 1.29 billion dollar battery manufacturing facility at this very moment. So, driving a Lexus represents another status, too; a status as someone who wants to take care of the planet.

Vehicles That Are the Definition of Status Symbol

So, is Lexus a status symbol? All signs point to yes. Lexus might not have been here for long, but they’ve already more than caught up with companies with a greater heritage, like BMW and Mercedes. Toyota did an amazing job of building buzz around this brand and creating a strong image of luxury right out of the gates by separating their Lexus dealerships from traditional Toyota dealerships.

Lexus vehicles are simply known for offering the latest and greatest in design and innovation. Around the world, saying one has competed in the Lexus Design Awards is an incredible launching point for one’s career. Lexus has made sure that every body style they offer exudes luxury. And, they’ve even made a name for themselves in the sports car arena, which is arguably in and of itself a status symbol arena.

Lexus also understands that their customers expect a certain level of service, and that’s why spending time at a Lexus dealership feels like being at a luxury hotel. With incredible amenities and upscale looks, the retailers are as beautiful as the vehicles they sell. Lexus is certainly a status symbol, so if you drive one, don’t be surprised if people crane their necks to check you out. They’re just wondering if there’s a celebrity in that Lexus because there often is.