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A silver 2024 Nissan Frontier is shown driving uphill.

Highlights Of The 2024 Nissan Frontier

The first Nissan truck dates back more than sixty years, quite a distance from the latest 2024 Nissan Frontier. Although Nissan’s voyage into the truck market was first with the Datsun 220 and not a Frontier, it was the Datsun that laid the groundwork for a new Frontier. The Datsun was eventually replaced with a Hardbody, which soon gave way to the truck you see today.

Since day one, the Nissan has enjoyed a rugged and powerful design with individual styling that has made the Japanese car manufacturer notable. With a reputation for durability and a history of innovation, the Frontier has collected fans who are devoted to its simplistic perfection. With a 2024 model joining the line-up, we get to focus on the latest upgrades and advancements in the latest iteration of Nissan pickup truck. There are many things to get excited about, with the 2024 offering new additions and a throwback to an old friend.

Details Matter

Perhaps the most noteworthy feature of the Frontier is its bed. There are many reasons to buy a truck, but capability and adaptability are two of the big ones, and a truck’s bed plays heavily into both. With just enough bells to get some whistles, the Frontier makes work and play easier. A Dampened Assist Tailgate won’t have you cringing from a thump and will let you open your tailgate with confidence as you go about your business.

Inside the truck bed, Nissan’s Utili-track Channel System makes use of several strategically placed channels designed to let you easily adjust how you secure your cargo. While seemingly simple, the details make all the difference. Another thoughtful detail is the addition of a power outlet in the truck bed, providing mobile electricity when you need it. There is even the option to add under-rail lighting in the bed to illuminate your cargo. This makes early morning or late afternoon loading safer and easier, and shows that Nissan has thought of pretty much everything.

A good pickup truck carries many things, but the most important of these are its passengers. Trucks are no longer the stripped-down workhorses they used to be. Comfort for both drivers and passengers has become a priority. One such comfort is the ease of getting in and out of the truck. Many of us remember pushing a seat forward and doing our best to clamber into the back seat, but thankfully, those days are gone. Select Frontier trims sport a rear-swinging back door with a pillarless design, allowing both doors to work together by providing a wide opening for everyone to get inside easily.

The New And The Posh

2024 is a fantastic year for the Frontier, with a new trim added that elevates the entire truck to a new level. Although the Nissan Frontier has a reputation for straightforward practicality and affordable adaptability, that hasn’t stopped Nissan from adding something for the “no elbows on the table” bunch. The SL trim offers some appreciated luxury to the every man’s truck. It provides one more element to the Frontier line-up that furthers its appeal and widens its audience.

The SL comes in hot with leather-appointed seats, a powerslide moonroof, leather-wrapped accessories, and so much more. Heated front seats and a heated steering wheel are comforts that everyone will enjoy, whether it’s on a cold morning headed off to work or warming up after a weekend on the lake. The SL even throws in a power-adjustable driver’s seat with lumbar support for added comfort.

Just to make sure that its posh nature can’t be called into question, the SL also comes standard with a premium Fender audio system that sports 10 speakers, including resonating subwoofers. Continuing on with the tech theme, the SL pulls out all of the stops with a Remote Engine Start System with Intelligent Climate Control, letting you start your vehicle from the comfort of your home to heat it up or cool it down before you get into it—putting your comfort first.

The Frontier will always be a favorite thanks to its straightforward nature, offering just the right amount of extra for the right price tag. However, that doesn’t mean that offering a little extra for those who want to indulge is a bad thing. By broadening the trim pool, more people will want to dip their toes in the Nissan Frontier water.

Throwback To An Old Friend—The Hardbody

Just as quick as it arrived, the Hardbody was gone, out of our lives for what we thought would be forever. Now, with the 2024 model here, we have another chance to enjoy the nostalgia of our old friend with the Hardbody Edition Nissan Frontier. Available in three colors, it is clear that Nissan is letting the truck speak for itself, keeping the colors simple with Red Alert, Super Black, and Glacier White.

Black accents help the special edition stand out further, really driving home its rarity. Black decals, door handles, and mirrors are just the start. Anyone who loves a good wide-body will be thoroughly pleased with the addition of overfenders, in black, of course. A black grille proves what a formidable foe the Hardbody Edition is. Accompanied by black bumpers, black off-road rails, and black exhaust finisher, this special edition is a sight to behold.

Designed to walk the walk, the Hardbody Edition is designed to play hard, which is why it is equipped with an aluminum skid plate for when the road gets bumpy. A black sports bar sporting the Nissan name adorns the back, helping set the tone, along with 17” wheels that look as if they could be straight off the original. No detail was overlooked when bringing this classic back for another romp on the open road.

The original Hardbody was introduced in 1985 and was designed around the concept of a “Human Oriented Pickup .”This idea was intended to put people first—thinking about their needs and giving them a truck that hit all the marks just the right way. One way that the Hardbody aimed to appeal to a broader customer base was through customization, offering a variety of configurations to meet a variety of needs.

For instance, intended for work and play, the original Hardbody was created with clever features, like a “Full Flat Seat”—a makeshift couch. The front seat could be folded flat upon removing the headrest, aligning with the rear cushion. This created a “couch” for on-the-go comfort and to catch a few “zzz’s” when work or play required a little more than you had in the tank.

A silver 2024 Nissan Frontier is shown parked atop a cliff.

From The Beginning

Who knows how long Nissan will continue building trucks? If we are lucky, it will be for at least another lifetime. Maybe during that time, we will get another revival of the Hardbody or perhaps a Datsun-inspired truck for the hardcore fans. Either way, the Nissan Frontier is a solid truck and has been for quite some time now.

The 2024 Nissan Frontier appears to be doing the truck’s legacy proud, providing the same comfort, practicality, and reliability for an equally modest price tag. The new SL trim draws the Frontier into luxury categories, making us wonder if more swanky options are down the line. Perhaps the new Frontier Hardbody Edition will become its own sub-category, or maybe we will just continue to appreciate the Frontier for everything it is and the history it has been built upon.