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A white 2024 Ford Maverick is shown driving through mud.

From Muscle Car to Muscle Truck – Watch How the Ford Maverick Transforms

To say that the Ford Maverick has seen some changes over the years would be an understatement. Since its starting release at the end of the sixties, the Maverick has undergone a serious transformation from a sporty muscle car to the bold and aggressive 2024 Ford Maverick you see today. Although the Maverick of the past still enjoys its own personal fan club of enthusiasts, the newest Ford Maverick is sure to amass its own loyal following.

The Ford Maverick reappeared in 2022, with the name now tied to a muscle truck rather than a muscle car. The redesigned Maverick has received positive attention since its release, doing well to honor its predecessors while managing to stand on its own four wheels. The 2024 Maverick is available in three trim options: the XL, XLT, and the Lariat. To further customize the Maverick, Ford offers several thrilling packages that change up the whole feel of the Ford Maverick. Two packages focus on enhancing off-road fun, while one is primarily an appearance package.

The Maverick is, obviously, no heavy-duty truck, with its strengths lying in its zippy and compact performance rather than oversized brutish capabilities. Despite being deemed a small pickup, the Maverick still provides ample cab space and can comfortably seat up to five. Thanks to an innovative truck bed and lots of nifty technology, the Maverick manages light-duty labor and can confidently handle off-roading with the proper set-up.

Powerful and Peppy Performance

The Maverick comes standard with an EcoBoost 2.0L engine that is coupled with an 8-speed automatic, providing smooth and seamless shifting. The shifter has been replaced with a rotary knob to free up space and provides a more streamlined appearance. FWD is standard but can be replaced with AWD for greater functionality.

If you do not need AWD and want to opt for a more fuel-efficient option, then consider the available hybrid set-up. A 2.5L engine is mated with a CVT, resulting in less horsepower than the EcoBoost, but it makes up for it in other ways. The hybrid drivetrain can not be fitted with AWD, so the big question is, do you choose hybrid efficiency or all-wheel drive capability?

Which option you choose will impact other specifics, such as payload capacity. The Maverick can handle up to 1,500 lbs depending on configuration, so understanding your expectations can help determine how you configure the Maverick. If towing is part of the plan, then adding the 4K Tow Pack is essential, allowing the Maverick a max-out of 4,000 lbs.

Supporting the work hard, play hard mentality of the Maverick is the ingenious FLEXBED and Multi-Position tailgate. Inside the truck bed is an assortment of available goodies like plenty of tie-downs for easy hauling and electrical outlets for convenient power-ups. The Multi-Position tailgate also does its part, with a flexible fold-down system and tie-downs that double as bottle openers. However you choose to use your Maverick, it has a tool for you.

A person is shown interacting with the dashboard interface in the black interior of a 2024 Ford Maverick.

Simple Yet Stylish Interior

Inside, the Maverick ranges in style, with the XL keeping it somewhat basic. The XL is trimmed out in Onyx Black and Medium Dark Slate cloth and manually adjustable seats. The center stack holds an 8-inch touchscreen display, which connects you to standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Bluetooth capability allows for a compatible smart device to hook up, or the Maverick can be configured to use SYNC 3 for greater connectivity options.

The XLT swaps out the cloth seating for a cool Navy Pier and Medium Slate color scheme, still adorning manually adjustable seats. For a premium experience, the XLT can be fitted with a power moonroof for additional light, and the driver seat can be equipped with power adjustability. Heated seats are also an option on this trim, which is an excellent upgrade for those who will be exploring off-road trails and late-night hangouts.

As the head honcho of the trim line-up, the Lariat receives ActiveX-trimmed seating for a more upscale feel. ActiveX is a Ford specialty, providing increased durability and style for your truck. Designed for the more adventurous, the Lariat sports a Desert Brown motif. The driver is treated to a power-adjustable seat that also includes lumbar support. Heated seats come standard on this trim, and so does dual-zone AC.

A premium sound system fills the cabin with rich sound using eight B&O brand speakers, which include a subwoofer. Other standards include a Wireless Charging Pad, a Remote Start System, and even Ambient Lighting to set the mood for whatever lies ahead. The Lariat is the most premium trim option, providing plenty of standards for a decent price.

The Packages

There is no disagreeing that the Maverick is already great on its own, offering a decent amount of options to cater to most needs and wants. However, just because it is great does not mean it can’t be even better. For a more unique styling, Ford offers the Black Appearance Package, which blacks out certain exterior details for a sleek design. The wheels receive an Ebony Black paint coat, which is complimented by Black Edition decals. The grille, mirror caps, and lamps also get the blackened touch.

For a more functional package option, Ford offers the Tremor Off-Road Package. The Tremor Package can not be equipped on the XL but still leaves the XLT and the Lariat. This package changes up the suspension, making it more equipped for off-road. The tires are swapped out for meaty off-road tires, and the truck is lifted for an improved ride height. A front skid plate protects the approach, and black headlamps add a more rugged appeal.

The XLT and Lariat can also be equipped with the other off-road package, which includes tech extras to help improve performance. The FX4 Off-Road Package includes all-terrain tires and skid plates and also adds front tow hooks. Hill Descent Control is an added bonus, assisting when traversing mountainous terrain. However, the specialized drive modes are the most exciting add-on of this package.

The modes include Normal, Tow Haul, Slippery, Mud & Ruts, and Sand. These specialized drive modes offer improved traction for specific situations, allowing more control. With the other additions for this package, there will not be many roads off-limits to the Maverick.

A red 2024 Ford Maverick is shown driving through a mountain valley.

From Sports Car to Sporty Truck

The Maverick was a groovy vehicle in its younger days, but the transformation to the pickup was what it was meant to be. Inside and out, the 2024 Ford Maverick is everything you could want in a light-duty pickup. For the last several years, the Ford Maverick truck has proven its place in the extremely popular truck market, and the 2024 model is a great example of why the Maverick has been so successful.

Despite the limited trim choices, the Maverick offers plenty of options to upgrade your ride. Whether you add the optional moonroof or deck your truck out with one of the off-road packages, you are in for a thrill ride of epic proportions. You do not have to be a truck person to enjoy everything the Maverick has to offer, and with such an attractive starting price, there is a good chance we will have a Maverick takeover soon enough.