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Four Reasons Why the Alfa Romeo Giulia Has a “Top-10” Interior

The 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia was recently named to Wards’ “10 Best Interiors” list, an accolade that is well-deserved and unsurprising. After all, the brand produces some of the most luxurious and innovative vehicles in the entire class, and this particular model has been lauded for its driver-friendly features and amenities.

While this particular accolade is certainly worth noting, it really doesn’t mean much to consumers if they don’t understand why the brand and model earned this award. Well, that’s where we come in. Below, we’ve provided several reasons why the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia earned the distinction of being one of the “10-best interiors.” Once you explore everything that this vehicle will provide to its owners, you’ll be itching to visit Alfa Romeo dealers in New York as soon as possible…


Reason #1: Materials

The 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia is an Italian sports car, so it shouldn’t be all that surprising that the interior is chock full of luxurious amenities. The cabin was engineered to provide unmatched opulence, and the brand clearly succeeded with their high-quality materials and expert stitching. While the leather (or alternative upholstery) seats were lauded by judges, they were most enamored with the inclusion of wood surfaces throughout the interior.

“Hard to find fault just about anywhere in this vehicle with regard to materials,” one judge said (via James M. Amend of “Love the matte-finish wood, judicious use of piano black, contrast stitching and the metallic-edge window switches.”

“The gorgeous wood trim draws the eye like nothing I’ve ever seen,” added another judge.

Of course, customers also have to remember that they’ll have the opportunity to choose from a number of interior colors, which could potentially add even more refinement to your vehicle. Customers will have the chance to choose from black leather, red leather, tan leather, and “ice” leather as they’re building their picture-perfect Alfa Romeo Giulia.

We’d say that the chrome window surrounds are also a notable inclusion, as they’ll provide occupants with a unique vantage point that isn’t available elsewhere. The ambient lighting is also worth noting, as this inclusion will boost both style and convenience.


Reason #2: Technology

While Alfa Romeo is clearly focused on producing a refined, elegant vehicle, they also understand that their customers will desire some technological features. Well, the brand certainly delivered when it came to the 6.5- or 8.8-inch Information and Entertainment System, which provides easy access to applications like navigation and radio (including the available SiriusXM satellite radio).. While the touchscreen interface is incredibly easy to use and navigate, drivers can alternatively rely on the Rotary Controller to choose their preferred program. Cleverly placed right next to the driver, this inclusion makes it incredibly easy to switch radio stations without having to take your eyes off the road.

“This might be a first: The infotainment screen blends neatly into the instrument panel,” said one judge. “The result is a screen that appears to be integrated into the overall design, rather than slapped in place just because the screen needed important real estate.”

If drivers do decide to listen to all of their favorite tunes, they can anticipate an unmatched listening experience thanks to the addition of the Harmon Kardon premium sound system. Furthermore, this Information and Entertainment System is accompanied by Bluetooth capabilities, making it incredibly easy to connect your smartphone. Of course, there are also the standard technological features that drivers have come to expect from new vehicles, like the 12-volt power outlet.


Reason #3: Driver-Oriented Features

Of course, while owners will certainly appreciate the luxurious and innovative inclusions to the Alfa Romeo Giulia’s interior, it’ll be the array of driver-focused amenities that will prove to be most useful. The brand is focused on providing their customers with an ideal driving experience, and their various features will certainly make that a possibility.

For instance, the unique flat-bottom steering wheel adds a bit of sportiness to your vehicle, and the innovative design should also improve handling. The foot pedals have also been designed to emphasize athleticism, and drivers will surely find that these inclusions are more responsive than previous renditions. Engineers even included a Push Button Start, making it incredibly easy to operate your vehicle (while also making it nearly impossible for someone random to access your car). Predictably, the majority of these features are located in areas of the interior that are easy for drivers to access, meaning they won’t have to contort their body in order to take advantage of these offerings.

While it might not be a standard feature, the 10-way power front seat might be one of the most appreciated features included in the car. Not only does this offering allow drivers to pick their ideal seating position, but the unit also includes a four-way lumbar driver seat memory. This means owners can store their preferred vantage point, leading to the utmost convenience. If you’re intending on sharing your new Alfa Romeo Giulia with other members of your family, then this will surely be an appreciated feature.


Reason #4: Safety Functions

While safety features usually aren’t associated with interior amenities, Alfa Romeo’s functions do apply directly to the cabin. For instance, the inclusion of the Backup Camera is accessible via the touchscreen, with this inclusion allowing drivers to anticipate any vehicle or object that’s about to cross their path. Meanwhile, the Rear Park Sensors will alert the driver when they’re getting dangerously close to a parked car or wall, thus preventing a fender bender.

The Forward Collision Warning-Plus also makes its way into the interior, as the driver will be warned via cleverly-placed cues. Predictably, if the driver doesn’t respond to the impending collision, the vehicle can manipulate the brakes to keep occupants out of harm’s way.

Of course, there are a variety of additional reasons why consumers may be enticed by the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia, including the car’s incredible performance specs and eye-catching exterior. When you consider all of these advantages, it should rather obvious that the model needs to be targeted.