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A red 2019 Ford Escape is driving with sun shining through the trees.

Ford Escape VS Nissan Rogue

The 2019 Ford Escape and the 2019 Nissan Rogue are two very similar SUVs, but how similar are they? Knowing full well that there is close competition, how confident are these two brands in their vehicle? As someone who drives another similar model, I was curious to compare the 2019 Ford Escape vs 2019 Nissan Rogue to decide what was so different about these two popular models.

2019 Ford Escape

Escape models have a starting price of $24,105 and can be leased for around $245 per month. The MPG rates aren’t bad, at an estimated 22 city miles and 29 highway miles. Cargo space can reach up to 68 cu.ft. in total.

One of the more helpful features is the FordPass Connect. This allows you to unlock and lock your car from wherever you are using your cellphone which is especially nice for those who like to double check that they locked their vehicle. You can also find important information about the vehicle, schedule any necessary services, and use FordPay to pay for them. At any point along your route, you can check and compare the prices for fuel. FordPass also allows you to find parking, reserve parking, and pay before you arrive all from your mobile device.

The panoramic vista roof is great for letting natural light brighten up your interior during the summer. The heated, ergonomic steering wheel will keep your hands warm during the winter months. At any point in the year, the electric parking brake comes in handy. It uses a mechanically operated cable instead of a motor at both rear calipers, so it can be set with a switch rather than a lever.

SYNC 3 Connect is offered on the 2019 Ford Escape. It connects to your mobile device, has enhanced voice recognition, climate control, and even works with Waze. The GPS works with 3D mapping and gives voice-guided directions. It can relay specific information about traffic, weather, gas stations, sports updates, and movie theaters. Sirius XM is also offered and provides a complimentary, five-year subscription to Navigation with Traffic and Travel link features. There are also more than 150 commercial-free channels to listen to music, live sports, news, and entertainment.

Ford’s Safe and Smart Package is, as you can guess by the name, a safety package. It includes adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning as well as brake support. Enhanced active park assist and BLIS with cross traffic alert are also available in this package.

After understanding the notable amenities, we can glance at the specific Ford Escape models.


This model is most cost-efficient, with a starting price of $24,105. Its 2.5L I-4 engine allows for an estimated gas mileage of 21 for city and 29 for highway driving.


The SE model starts at $26,500 with a 1.5L turbocharged EcoBoost engine and standard LED lighting. City miles are estimated at 23 miles per gallon, and highway miles are estimated at 30. This model has a sport appearance package, which includes a multitude of interior and exterior adaptations including gloss black-painted mirror caps, 19-inch ebony-painted aluminum wheels, and taillamps with black bezels.


The SEL is similar to the SE with the same engine and estimated gas mileage but it has a starting price of $28,445. Standard on this model is a reverse sensing system that beeps as you get closer to an object. With this model, we get another sport appearance package with many different interior and exterior changes all the way down to its floor mats.


This is the most expensive Escape model starting at  $32,620. With the Titanium Escape you will have a 2.0L Twin-Scroll Ecoboost engine with auto start-stop technology to reduce fuel consumption. The EPA estimated gas mileage is 22 mpg in the city and 29 on the highway.

A black 2019 Ford Escape Titanium is driving downtown. Check out trim levels when comparing the 2019 Ford Escape VS 2019 Nissan Rogue.

2019 Nissan Rogue

Rogue models start their prices at $25,920 for a vehicle that seats up to five.

By purchasing a Nissan Rogue you will have complimentary roadside assistance up to 36 months or 36,000 miles. This roadside assistance covers flat tire changes, jump starts, and vehicle lockouts. They will also deliver fuel if you run out while in route. This is perfect for those who don’t have AAA or other roadside assistance.

ProPilot Assist is a helpful tool for long drives, it uses a radar sensor/camera combo to keep a preset distance between your vehicle and the one ahead of you. It is great for long drives or in stop-and-go traffic because it uses steering assist technology as well as having a stop and go hold function.

Although only available on the SV and higher up models, the Safety Shield 360 is one of the Rogue’s more important qualities that tries to make up for the lack of outward visibility. This shield includes rear automatic braking, rear cross traffic alert, emergency braking, and can detect pedestrians. Intelligent lane intervention, high beam assist, and most importantly, blind spot warning are also available with the Safety Shield.

The Rogue has two USB ports and Bluetooth. Nissan also highlights the hands free text assistant, known to the rest of the world as speech to text. It is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.


The S’s starting price is the base model of the Nissan Rogue and has a starting MSRP at $24,920. Along with some of the previously mentioned qualities, this model also has LED daytime running lights and has 170 horsepower.


As we climb up, the cost is $26,340. With this model drivers get 17” x 7.0” aluminum-alloy wheels, a remote engine start system, intelligent climate control, and a motion-activated liftgate.

SV Hybrid

This hybrid is worth the starting price of  $27,600. The 2.0L DOHC 16-Valve 4 cylinder engine comes with an idle start and stop feature as well as the electric motor which uses a lithium-ion battery and has an intelligent dual clutch system. A few other notable features include an energy flow screen, extra cargo space underneath the floor, and second row split folding seats.


The SL starts at $31,390 and with that price you get  19” x 7.0” aluminum-alloy wheels, door to door navigation, ProPilot Assist, cruise control, and leather-appointed seats, though some other models also include a few of these features.

SL Hybrid

This model starts at $31,540 and features LED headlights and an intelligent Around View Monitor. For city driving, you can expect about 31 mpg and on the highway, you will have about 34 mpg. As a hybrid vehicle, this is much lower than competitor vehicles.

Critics say the Nissan Rogue SL Hybrid has touchy brakes that could be a negative result of its advanced safety features like the brake assist. However, it still ranks at 13 out of 18 in compact SUVs according to US news.

Ford wins

The quality of the Ford Escape overwhelmingly crushes the Nissan Rogue, while cutting down on the price. Ford is informed and transparent when presenting information, which gives the impression that there is much more to be offered from the Escape. It is hard for the consumer to gain confidence in making the purchase if the brand isn’t confident in what they’re selling.

Unlike Ford, Nissan is painfully redundant and vague in some explanations about the Rogue. Not only that, but quite a few of the Rogue’s highlighted features exist in its earlier models. Needless to say, the Ford Escape came out on top.

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