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Everything You Need and Most Everything You Want: Check Out the Grand Cherokee Limited Today

The Grand Cherokee is the longtime flagship vehicle of the iconic Jeep brand lineup of vehicles, and also happens to be one of our best sellers here at Faricy Boys. Yes, the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee is selling like hotcakes here in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO – and for very good reason. Classified as a mid-size luxury SUV, the Grand Cherokee has been impressing drivers behind the wheel, and envious observers since 1993.

Commonly confused with the Jeep Cherokee, these two vehicles stand on their own and feature plenty of both minor and major differences. The smaller, less luxurious Cherokee paved the way for its larger counterpart, and was the driving force of inspiration for Jeep engineers and designers of the Grand Cherokee.

Why Grand Cherokee? Why Not?


The Grand Cherokee offers so much more to drivers than the simplicity of the smaller Cherokee, and while both are fully capable Jeep brand vehicles, the Grand Cherokee remains king of the automotive manufacturer’s castle. Not only is this SUV more spacious and well-appointed, it offers plenty of perks to boot.

The versatility of the Grand Cherokee depends largely on what specific drivers are looking for in an SUV. The price range on the 2016 model starts at $29,995, and caps out with a starting MSRP just shy of $50,000. As wide as the price tag ranges on this luxury SUV, so does the amenities that are included. The main appeal of the 2016 Grand Cherokee, is that drivers within multiple price range brackets, can budget for this luxury crossover.

The Best Value Lies in the Limited


The 2016 model year of the Grand Cherokee features five main trim level options, as well as three different limited edition models. These do not account for the performance based SRT model, which sits on its own separate cloud of power and prestige with a starting price point of nearly $70,000.

For those drivers who yearn to own one of the most iconic luxury SUVs on the road, built by the most patriotic automotive brand on the market, but aren’t ready to shell out their entire year’s salary, are in luck. The 2016 Grand Cherokee Limited model is the trim level option that we believe offers the most perks for the money. Sitting smack-dab in the middle of the Grand Cherokee model offerings for 2016, the Limited is the perfect balance between luxury inclusions, and conservative monthly payments.

What the Limited Offers

The starting MSRP of the 2016 Limited sits comfortably at $37,565, and comes loaded with everything you need, and most everything you want. Some of the most exciting option groups are made available for this trim level, all of which are excluded from the lower-end models. Take a look at some of the other features that the 2016 Grand Cherokee Limited is loaded with, and why we believe the name should be changed to Unlimited.

  • Under the Hood: Every Jeep vehicle is made to perform both on and off the road, and despite it’s luxury classification, the Grand Cherokee is no exception. Featuring a standard 3.6-liter V6, drivers can also opt for the more powerful 5.7-liter HEMI V8 if they desire. Equipped with the same 8-speed paddle shift automatic transmission as the other Grand Cherokee models, the Grand Cherokee Limited equipped with Jeep’s 4×4 system also gains the advanced Quadra-Trac II 4WD system. To complement and help manage all of this added power is the included Selec-Terrain system, which allows drivers to change performance based on terrain and road conditions. Other unique options starting at this level include a heavy duty engine cooling system and a 700-AMP maintenance free battery. With the HEMI V8 engine, the Limited model can pull an impressive 7,200-pounds in tow.
  • Exterior: The Grand Cherokee Limited offers exterior enhancements that don’t just look awesome, they perform. Standing apart from other models under the same name, the Grand Cherokee Limited adds 18-inch polished aluminum wheels and all-season tires both standard. For drivers looking for a larger, more capable off-road ready Grand Cherokee, the option to add 20-inch aluminum wheels is made available at this trim level. Exterior styling includes bright door handles and a matching grille, chrome exterior mirrors with integrated turn signal indicators, and a sleek power lift gate.
  • Interior: Loaded with lush accommodations, the interior of the Limited model is what makes us place such a high regard for its value. Featuring eight-way power memory front seats, 4-way power adjustable driver side lumbar support, heated first and second row seating, and leather trimmed surfaces – everything about the interior cabin spells luxury. Included convenience features such as a 115-volt auxiliary power outlet, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, a heated steering wheel, and a dual USB charging port, make the interior as functional as it is premium.
  • Safety: The safety features on the Grand Cherokee Limited model far exceed the other less-expensive models in the lineup. Hill Descent Control, a ParkView Rear Park Assist System, remote start system, and a security alarm all come standard. Grand Cherokee Limited drivers can also opt to add blind spot and cross path detection systems, and Adaptive Cruise Control.

Staying Within the Sweet Spot


The 2016 Grand Cherokee Limited doesn’t just provide a sweet spot for drivers on a more conservative budget, it embodies the concept in everything that it includes. If you are in the market for the Grand Cherokee and the Limited sounds appealing to you, you can save even more money by sticking with the base V6 engine offering, and skipping the 4WD option if you don’t need it.

All things considered, the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee is living up to its name in a lot of different ways. Whether you are intrigued by the value proposition of the Limited trim level, or are interested in more or less bells and whistles, come see what the Faricy Boys has to offer. See the latest Grand Cherokee for yourself, and take it for a test drive. It may be the exact Jeep vehicle you have been waiting for. You won’t know until you come and check it out for yourself!