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A gold 2023 Subaru Crosstrek is shown driving on a road after leaving a Subaru Crosstrek dealer.

Everything STARLINK and MySubaru Can Do for You

Decades ago, you had to rely on your own memory, instincts, and good fortune if you were going to take optimal care of your car. Hopefully, you remembered to mark in your calendar when it was time for certain tune-ups. If you were lucky, you knew how to recognize the sounds and symptoms that indicate a problem with your car. If the parking gods shined down on you, nothing bad happened to your vehicle when you were away. But those were the caveman days. Today, many vehicles have systems and technology that help you protect and care for your car, so you don’t have to hope, pray, and wish everything goes smoothly.

Subaru has done a particularly impressive job at creating technology that helps drivers stay connected with their vehicles and remain up to date on their cars’ needs, even when they’re away from them. The new Subaru Crosstrek beautifully showcases these features, with its STARLINK media paired with the MySubaru app. If you are visiting a Subaru Crosstrek dealer, ask them to show you all of the ways this technology can enhance your experience with your Crosstrek and help you take excellent care of your car. For now, here’s a look at how these two systems will make you a better driver and car owner.

On-Demand Assistance

The moment something goes wrong on the road can be a scary one. If you’ve gotten in an accident and need emergency assistance, you might not be able to access your phone––especially if it was damaged in the crash or you are unable to reach it. In the event of a crash, the Crosstrek’s automatic collision notification system will access a STARLINK advisor who can talk with you via the vehicle’s speakers. Communicate the situation to them, and they will send the appropriate emergency services.

When a crash has not occurred, but emergency assistance is needed, you can press the large SOS button in the ceiling of the driver area and be connected immediately to an advisor who can send the appropriate authorities. If you’re dealing with a flat tire or other minor issue and require non-emergency assistance, press the “I” button. A STARLINK advisor can send roadside assistance directly to you based on your GPS location. Those moments immediately after an incident on the road can be filled with panic, but these emergency features of STARLINK make them a little less scary.

A man is shown inspecting the roof rack on a blue 2022 Subaru Crosstrek.

Intuitive Car Checkups

There is a lot to keep up with when it comes to the maintenance of your vehicle. Plus, sometimes, things just go wrong with your car. STARLINK and the MySubaru app work together to help you take the best care of your vehicle. For starters, every month, STARLINK sends you an email from your MySubaru account that contains a diagnostic report of your car, so you can get a sense of its overall health. But you can also check real-time stats like odometer readings and tire pressure at any time using the MySubaru app.

If you fail to notice important notifications like the check engine light on your dashboard, the MySubaru app has your back. You’ll receive a text, email, or in-app notification alerting you that your car requires professional attention. Additionally, a notification will pop up on the infotainment screen of the Crosstrek when it’s time for service. Furthermore, you’ll get an automatic email at set periods to let you know when it’s time for routine service. Between these various features, your Subaru won’t let you forget to take care of it.

We’re all busy and don’t always remember to set calendar reminders about routine maintenance. Sometimes, we just don’t notice alerts on our vehicles. STARLINK and the MySubaru app work together to help you stay on top of maintenance and take the best care of your car. Now, you can let your car tell you when and what maintenance is needed rather than stressing over getting everything right yourself.

Track and Stop Theft

Hopefully, you never have the experience of getting your car stolen. But if it does happen, STARLINK will be on the task of recovering it. First, you’ll get a notification on your phone if the security alarm is triggered on your Subaru––even when you’re far away from it. If your car is stolen, you can initiate the stolen vehicle recovery immobilization service. A STARLINK associate will work with the police to remotely immobilize your vehicle. This means that the next time someone tries to use it, it won’t start.

STARLINK can also work with the police to locate your Subaru using its built-in GPS system. Plus, in the MySubaru app, you can remotely lock your car or activate its engines and lights, making it difficult for a thief to get in your car without drawing attention to themselves. These features also come in handy when you simply can’t remember where you parked in a large parking structure. Between these various systems, having your car stolen doesn’t have to mean never seeing your vehicle again.

A silver 2022 Subaru Crosstrek Premium is shown driving next to a lake.

A Personal Concierge

STARLINK isn’t only about preventing tragedy and responding in an emergency. It has some fun features, too. In fact, if you add the STARLINK Concierge package, you can handle things like making restaurant reservations and purchasing a ticket for concerts and sporting events from within your vehicle. The Concierge package also takes caring for your vehicle to the next level. It can locate the nearest Subaru dealership and schedule service appointments for you.

Monitor Guest Drivers

If anyone else routinely drives your Subaru, you don’t need to give them limitless control over the car. You can set alerts in your MySubaru app to help you stay in control, even when someone else is driving. These include boundary alerts that let you set designated boundaries. If the car breaks those boundaries, you get a notification. You can also set speed limit and curfew alerts that will tell you if the guest driver is going too fast or is out too late at night. This feature is especially useful for parents trying to encourage responsible driving habits in their teens.

Stay in Command With STARLINK and the MySubaru App

You have enough to think about without monitoring your vehicle every moment of the day. With STARLINK and the MySubaru app, you can take one more thing off your plate. These intuitive and intelligent features do a lot of the heavy lifting of caring for your car for you. They can notify you when something needs attention, remind you when it’s time for routine maintenance, and even locate your car in the event of a theft.

Thanks to STARLINK emergency services, help can get to you as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency, and you’ll never feel alone after a frightening incident on the road. Even the best drivers need a little extra help taking good care of their cars. When you take good care of your vehicle, Subaru allows you to enjoy more miles without issue and get excellent longevity. These features are available on most new Subaru models, including the Crosstrek, at no extra cost (besides the Concierge package). That’s just one more way that Subaru delivers excellent value in its well-priced, reliable vehicles.