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Enjoy These 5 Top-of-the-Line Features for Less in Used Vehicles

Buying a vehicle is a big purchase that can affect your life for years, depending on the terms of your payment plan. Most drivers these days like to keep more money in their pockets, and when you turn to used vehicles, you’re able to do just that. You also get to take advantage of all the bells and whistles you desire. There are many outstanding used cars for sale on lots across the country. If you’re searching for some particulars in your next vehicle, you’ll most likely be able to find them in a used car––for far less money than you anticipated.

#1 – Safety & Assistance Tech

Every modern vehicle has its own set of safety features. Whether helping us remain safely in our lane, providing some assistance maintaining our speed with cruise control, or adjusting to the flow of traffic, our cars look out for us more than they ever have before. Blind-spot monitoring is one of the most demanded features available in today’s vehicles. It allows drivers to check hard-to-see spaces, making it easier to change lanes and navigate through traffic. Parking assistance is another must-have feature, especially when trying to maneuver into a tight streetside parking space, even though the last time you parallel parked was for your driver’s exam.

Drivers also demand loads of camera tech, including backup cameras that come to the rescue in busy parking lots. We don’t have eyes in the back of our heads, which can make this scenario quite challenging, but when you’re driving a vehicle with a backup camera, this task instantly becomes much easier. Other helpful camera tech includes 360-degree options, which provide a view surrounding your car, helping out in many situations. Many used vehicles have these valuable features, and if you’re looking to enjoy them for less money, you’ll want to shop used.

A blue 2021 Honda Civic is shown parked on the roof of a parking garage.

#2 – Premium Appointments

Drivers want to feel comfortable on board their trusted daily commuters, and the best way to take advantage of an all-around better cabin experience without overspending is by shopping from the used lot. Leather seats appear at the top of many must-have lists, as well as heated and ventilated options designed to keep you cozy on the road. Top-tier trim levels will include these features, but they’re incredibly expensive in new models. By choosing a model that’s a year or two old, you can opt for that premium trim with all the fancy appointments for far less money than you anticipated.

Other top features drivers appreciate in their vehicles are moonroofs to add a more spacious feel to their ride and ambient lighting to set the mood during any trip. When you’re traveling in a comfortable vehicle with high-quality appointments, it makes any journey feel better. Suddenly, your rush-hour commute is more bearable when you’re sinking into leather appointments, or that hot summer day is more comfortable with the help of ventilated seats. It’s only natural that we wish to be comfortable in our vehicles, and these features make for elevated comfort levels for drivers everywhere.

#3 – Smartphone Integration & More

It’s no secret that we’ve come to depend on the tech in our vehicles. Remember when cars didn’t even have Bluetooth? Long gone are the days of being limited to what you can find on the radio. However, these features can cost a pretty penny when buying new. Opting for a pre-owned vehicle will allow you to enjoy more top-level tech without emptying your wallet. Although some cutting edge technology can only be found on brand-new models, nearly all of the most desirable features are readily available on used cars.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto remain the most desirable tech features in today’s vehicles, as well as Bluetooth, onboard Wi-Fi, and wireless charging. There’s nothing better than having access to all of your contacts, apps, and messages without having to rummage around the cabin for your smartphone. Larger touchscreens can also be handy, providing access to another highly sought-after feature: navigation systems. Sure, you can pull out your smartphone and attempt to read the prompts from its tiny screen, or you could have your route presented in crystal clarity right in front of you on the dash. For the tech-obsessed, some recent used cars showcase hands-free driving capabilities, which allow you to feel as though you’re driving a vehicle from the future, all for a price that doesn’t break the bank.

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#4 – All-Wheel Drive

This feature is common in the industry; however, only a handful of vehicles offer it as standard equipment, which means you’ll be paying extra for AWD in your car. Another perk of buying used is the opportunity to take advantage of AWD without having to overpay for it. All-wheel drive systems make it easy to confidently traverse challenging terrain and bad weather road conditions. By sending traction to the wheels that need it the most, your vehicle can enhance control and stability on the road, allowing you to have ultimate peace of mind, especially when a surprise storm has affected your commute home.

You’ll also find many vehicles have different drive modes available to help elevate the feeling behind the wheel. From sport modes to off-road options and more, catering your drive to the elements is easy when your vehicle is equipped with multiple drive modes. Of course, off-road enthusiasts can really benefit from used cars, especially when legendary 4×4 capabilities are on their minds. You can enjoy these features in a used model without having to splurge for a vehicle that has just been released.

#5 – Exciting Yet Efficient Engines

As the years go on, powertrains become more capable, and the ride quality in your vehicle is enhanced. However, models that are a couple of years old still feature impeccable engines that exhibit thrilling power to amplify your daily commute and excellent fuel efficiency, helping you keep more money in your wallet. For drivers who are looking for capable workmates, there are many powerful pickup trucks that show off their strength with top towing marks and durable designs, allowing them to act as your trusted companions without you having to overspend. Used performance vehicles also impress, allowing many shoppers to finally own the sports car of their dreams at a price they can be proud of, making it easy to see why drivers are drawn to used vehicles in the first place.

A red 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata is shown driving on a road.

It Pays to Shop Used

A long time ago, it was believed that drivers only shopped for used cars when they couldn’t afford to buy new, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, especially now. Today’s drivers know what they want. They want to enjoy their vehicles to the fullest on the streets and beyond, and they want to be able to shop from an amazing selection of cars showcasing features to make their rides better.

As a modern driver, it’s understandable that you don’t want to compromise on the features of your vehicle, and you shouldn’t have to. You work hard for your money and deserve to enjoy leather appointments, smartphone integration, parking assistance, and incredible performance in your daily driver. This is why the used car market is exploding, with more drivers turning to used models to get exactly what they want in their everyday rides.