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A red 2023 Mazda CX-5 for sale is shown driving on a city street at night.

A Look at the Ultra-Stylish 2023 Mazda CX-5

The Mazda CX-5 is a compact SUV with spirited engine options, tons of unique trims, and excellent fuel economy. While it excels in function, it’s also a thing of beauty. The 2023 model arrived on the market with an ultra-polished look. Its discreet but intriguing body lines make the vehicle look as if it’s moving, even when it’s standing completely still, which was apparently the idea. Ikuo Maeda, the executive officer and general manager of Mazda’s design division, told Inside Mazda that when the Japanese automobile manufacturer was envisioning the model, they wanted to make something that would “Express the beauty of instantaneous motion seen in living creatures.”

The excitement surrounding the stunning 2023 CX-5 has many drivers looking for a Mazda CX-5 for sale. It’s always been a popular compact SUV, but Mazda has continued to finesse the look of this vehicle to create something worth talking about. Based on Mazda’s “Less is more philosophy,” the model is somehow effortlessly breathtaking and sure to stand the test of time. Some of its top trims boast inspired details––both in the cabin and on the exterior––that give them their own distinct personalities. Drivers looking for a compact SUV that will have onlookers asking, “What car is that?” should certainly check out the 2023 Mazda CX-5. As Mazda’s best-selling vehicle in Canada, it must be doing something right. Here are some of the ultra-stylish top trims.

CX-5 Kuro

Kuro means black in Japanese, which is quickly apparent as this vehicle could easily sneak around under the cover of darkness. With subtle superhero looks, the Kuro trim has a beautiful blacked-out design. Inside, the red trim gives some dramatic flair to the interior while also helping you see important components in the dark. You’ll find red stitching on the steering wheel, as well as on the front console knee pad, the front centre console armrest, and the cupholders and console storage.

The upholstery here will be garnet red leather, which feels luxurious and looks beautiful. You can opt instead for black leather-trimmed upholstery with red stitching if you prefer something a little more classic. You’ll also get black trim on the decorative dash panel, as well as on the front and rear door panels. Sitting on top of the dash is a high-definition 26 cm infotainment display that blends with the minimalist lines of the cabin.

Under the vehicle, you’ll find gorgeous 48 cm black metallic alloy wheels that give the Kuro a subtle shine as you drive by lights. Even the grille is extraordinary, with its signature wing design and black finish. The final product has an almost racetrack-ready appeal and makes an obvious choice for someone who is not going for the family-friendly aesthetic. The heated power side mirrors are also black to tie the entire thing together. The Kuro trim is dripping with sophisticated style. If you kind of want to feel like Batman (or Batwoman) while you ride around in your compact SUV, the 2023 Mazda CX-5 Kuro can get you pretty close.

A person is shown sitting on the passenger seat of a  2023 Mazda CX-5.

CX-5 Sport Design

The CX-5 Sport Design is, as its name suggests, meant to create a spirited behind-the-wheel experience. That’s evident through features like the optional paddle shifters that let you shift gears from the steering wheel and the turbo badge on the liftgate that lets other drivers know how powerful your vehicle is. You’ll have fun driving the Sport Design and looking at it.

Stylistically, this trim is decked out with striking design details, including some that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Like with the Kuro, the Sport Design has 48 cm black alloy wheels. Regardless of the exterior colour, you’ll have Brilliant Black side mirrors for an attractive contrast. That same Brilliant Black will be found on the front and rear lower bumpers, as well as the wheel arches and rocker trim. You ultimately get well-placed black touches for a cool metropolitan look.

The Sport Design also has red stitching on the inside, including on the steering wheel and other surfaces. The roof lining will be black, creating a unique cave-like feel. However, there are strategically-placed lights throughout the cabin to ensure it never feels too dark. These include an LED overhead console light, an LED vanity mirror light (perfect for quick makeup touch-ups), and an LED cargo area light that helps you see your belongings in the dark. Even the glovebox has soft-touch LED lighting.

The Sport Design has some interesting design details unique to it, like decorative front and rear door panels that boast a hexagonal pattern and a dash panel featuring that same pattern. Meanwhile, the grille gets a stunning matrix design in Sport Red accents. Increased diameter exhaust outlets give this trim a track-ready look. The 2023 CX-5 Sport Design flawlessly combines city style with athletic personality.

CX-5 Signature

The Signature is the top-level trim of the 2023 Mazda CX-5, and its well-crafted design details make it very apparent why that is. The wheels here will have a light grey, high-lustre finish. Other exterior details include body-coloured front and rear bumpers, as well as body-coloured wheel arches and rocker trim. These touches create a beautiful uniform look on the outside. This trim also gets increased diameter exhaust outlets.

Inside, the materials become distinctly luxurious. You’ll find Abachi wood-trimmed front and rear door panels and a decorative dash panel. On the glove box, you’ll see a satin chrome lever for a really elegant look. The rearview mirror is quite unique in that it is frameless, lending itself to Mazda’s “less is more” goal of this vehicle. This rearview mirror is also auto-dimming, providing the ideal amount of light in any circumstance.

The roof lining is black, and the LED front and rear room lamps provide plenty of light when you need it. The upholstery in this trim is luxurious Nappa leather, and you’ll find premium cross-stitching detail on the steering wheel. The power seat switches feature the same satin chrome plating as the glove box lever. When you slide into the cabin of the 2023 CX-5 Signature, it will feel undeniably upscale.

A person is shown removing a surfboard from a green 2023 Mazda CX-5.

The 2023 Mazda CX-5 Will Surprise You With Its Stylish Trims

Sometimes, compact SUVs can fall into the trap of looking too family-focused or boxy. While adventurers and small families often like the versatility of this fuel-efficient and cargo-rich body style, Mazda opened up the world of compact SUVs to style chasers with the CX-5.

The CX-5 still shines in the functionality and performance departments, of course. It has standard all-wheel drive and a peppy turbocharged engine that produces an impressive 256 hp. But Mazda really impresses luxury lovers with this year’s upper trims. With the all-black Kuro, the ultra-luxurious Signature trim, and the athletic Sport Design, the 2023 Mazda CX-5 proves that compact SUVs are also made for people who like the finer things in life.

The exterior of every 2023 CX-5 has intriguing yet subtle body lines that live up to the head of design’s goal of making it look like a fast-moving animal. It’s distinctly cosmopolitan while also timeless. If you’ve been looking for a compact SUV that doesn’t scream, “I have two kids and a dog in the backseat,” this is that vehicle.