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A white 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV is shown parked near the owners.

A Lesson in Electric Driving With the 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV

It’s difficult to avoid all of the talk of electric vehicles in the industry, especially if you’re in the market for a new car. This may have you wondering what it would be like to travel in one of these electrified wanderers. For many, it’s a common belief that electric vehicles are entirely too expensive; however, with options like America’s most affordable EV (electric vehicle), the 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV, electric power is attainable for those on a budget. So, is it really that different to travel in an EV, and what exactly can you expect on the road? Tune in, and let’s chat about the wonderfully adaptable Bolt EUV, an EV that appeals to the average American driver seeking an all-around better ride.

Range and Charging

Even if you only know a little about EVs, you’re probably aware there’s no actual engine inside. Instead, the engine and all of its components are replaced by a battery pack. In the case of the 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV, this set-up consists of a 65-kWh battery pack, which generates 200 hp and can travel up to 247 miles on a full charge. Not only can you enjoy a dramatic ride fueled by all-electric power in this subcompact electric utility vehicle, but you can also travel longer distances without having to charge up. If you’re ready to say goodbye to the gas station for good, the Chevy Bolt EUV can help you achieve this.

So, how exactly do you keep your EV charged? Well, the Bolt EUV makes this simple with a number of charging solutions available, depending on where you happen to be during your travels. If you’re home, you have access to a home charging station, which is installed by Chevrolet, giving you access to Level 1 and Level 2 charging capabilities. Level 1 charging operates via a 120-volt outlet, recharging the Bolt EUV’s battery at a slower pace, while Level 2 charging operates via a 240-volt outlet, offering you more power to help you get charged up and ready to go much faster. You also have access to over 40,000 public charging stations conveniently located across the US, utilizing DC fast charging, which adds approximately 95 miles of range in just half an hour of charging.

A black 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV Redline Edition is shown charging.

Driving Dynamics

Now that you know how to get your Bolt EUV charged up and ready for the journey, what exactly does the journey feel like in an EV? Well, you can expect a smooth ride with responsive handling and pleasing acceleration in the Bolt EUV, jumping from 0 to 60 mph in just seven seconds. Another aspect exclusive to many hybrids and EVs is One Pedal Driving, which utilizes regenerative braking to obtain energy from the battery pack. This means drivers can use just one pedal to accelerate and slow down instead of switching from the gas to the brake. This enhances efficiency and provides a more fluid ride.

Regen on Demand is another feature that can be found in the Bolt EUV. Capturing the kinetic energy generated by your vehicle, this feature reroutes this energy to your battery to recharge it and keep you moving forward with precision. These are features you can only find in vehicles like the Bolt EUV, which allows you to travel with enhanced assurance, optimizing efficiency and making the most out of any ride you and your vehicle take on next.

The Innovative Super Cruise System

Electric vehicles are armed with some of the most advanced tech in the business, and the 2023 Bolt EUV is no exception. What makes the Bolt EUV so appealing to drivers is the opportunity to add hands-free driving capabilities to your drive through the highly-regarded Super Cruise system. Letting the Bolt EUV take control of the ride, drivers can enjoy their time on the road, feeling more focused behind the wheel. Utilizing groundbreaking technology features, including Lane Centering and Enhanced Automatic Emergency Braking, the Bolt EUV, when equipped with Super Cruise, can travel unassisted on over 400,000 miles of compatible roadways throughout the US and Canada.

You may wonder how exactly you can launch into Super Cruise, or whatever the exact terminology they’re using in the industry these days. Fortunately, the Bolt EUV makes this easy. By simply activating the adaptive cruise control feature, your Bolt EUV will detect when you’re on a Super Cruise-compatible roadway. This will illuminate the Super Cruise icon in your instrument cluster, and when it’s safe to engage, this light and the light bar on your steering wheel will turn green. This signals that it’s safe to remove your hands from the wheel; semi-autonomous driving is that easy.

The black interior and dash of a 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV Redline Edition is shown.

Complete Comfort

You may also be under the assumption that all-electric vehicles are cramped inside, with many options on the road exhibiting compact vibes. As EVs continue to take over the streets, you can expect to see vehicles of all sizes accentuated by electric power. Already, more pickup trucks and SUVs of various sizes are becoming electrified. Although the Bolt EUV is considered a subcompact electric utility vehicle, don’t let its small size fool you. Not only does it offer plentiful legroom throughout, with 39.1 inches of rear seat legroom, it’s also ready to handle any gear you plan to load up, with 56.9 cu.ft. of available cargo space.

The Bolt EUV seats five comfortably, offering plenty of storage solutions to maximize its cabin space. With smart storage under the center console and a false cargo floor to conceal even more gear, your passengers’ comfort won’t be compromised even when you’re traveling with more stuff. You’ll also find that the design elements inside the Bolt EUV are well chosen, with a flat-bottom steering wheel, geometric seating patterns, and an open feel inside, thanks to its long, wide stance.

EV Incentives

You’ve probably also heard that there are various incentives for driving an EV. In addition to available tax credits, driving an EV comes with a host of benefits. Not only are EVs better for the environment with zero tailpipe emissions, but they’re also easier on your wallet. Without the need to take time out of your schedule to stop by a busy (and expensive) gas station, you can get moving quickly and effectively, keeping more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. Saving money also extends to your service fees, seeing that EVs have fewer moving components and require less frequent maintenance. Your driving experience will also be enhanced since EVs are quieter, more refined, and more enjoyable on the road compared to their gas-powered counterparts.

Join the All-Electric Revolution With the 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV

So, what does driving an EV look like for you? If you choose the Chevy Bolt EUV, you’ll be in for an incredible range, convenient charging options, state-of-the-art tech, and ultimate comfort on board. Chevrolet makes the Bolt EUV attainable with its reasonable sticker price, providing virtually anyone with the opportunity to enjoy electric power in their daily driver.

Plus, with all the benefits of driving an EV, especially when it comes to saving money, it’s a no-brainer for many drivers to make the switch. When it comes to electric driving, the 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV makes it easy to jump on board the EV train with its spacious cabin experience, undeniable performance, and features designed to impact your ride, no matter where you’re heading next.