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a dark colored 2019 Buick Regal Tourx is driving up high with mountain views. It is part the Buick SUVs and crossovers.

A Bit about Buick

Where did Buick come from?

David Dunbar Buick, the company’s founder, never could have imagined how impressive Buick SUVs and Crossovers could get. He built functioning gasoline engines by the year 1899, leading to his engineer, Walter L. Marr to complete the first Buick automobile. Two years later, in 1901, David Dunbar Buick attempted to sell the horseless carriage titled, “The Buick Automobile,” to Walter. Walter held out and ended up purchasing the automobile for a better price later on.

The company was later established in 1903, although nearing bankruptcy almost a year later before relocating from Detroit to Flint, nicknamed the Vehicle City. Most of the engineers working together engaged in many discrepancies. At this point, the company was proving to be less than promising, however, in 1904 the first Flint Buick was being tested. Thirty-seven cars were made by the end of the year due to their incredible success. This was the beginning of Buick’s miraculous recovery story.

In the First World War, Buick was building ambulances for Red Cross as well as Liberty aircraft. The great depression took its toll on Buick, as it did most people during that period of time. During World War II, Buick earned more than 30 different military contracts as it played a major part in military hardware. Through multiple well-placed contracts Buick slowly built its empire and remained a persistent brand that only got better with time.

In later years

Sales rose after those historic years. Dynaflow, the first torque converter automatic transmission, was introduced in the 1948 Roadmaster. In 1949, Buick began to incorporate style into the improved Roadmaster Riviera with a hardtop convertible and portholes, thanks to Ned Nickles. In these years Buick really started finding their designs.

An economic recession caused a bump in the road for Buick, but after a few name changes in product lines, things didn’t look too bad. The first American car to use the V6 in motor production was the Buick Special in 1962. The Special went on to win the motor trend car of the year award in its first year with this V6 engine, further helping bolster the Buick name.

Sparing the nitty gritty details, sales rose, dropped, and we see yet another rebound. Many awards and record-breaking success reinforced the powerful innovations being produced and high-tech engines proved themselves to everyone, including the racing industry, that Buick was a name to be reckoned with.

Jumping to today, Buick SUVs and crossovers are the most popular, prominent, and promising of their kind. Current models show us vast improvements through the brilliant innovations from the Buick team. GM stopped production of several of its other vehicle brands including Pontiac, Saab and Saturn, so we’re lucky to have the option to visit local Buick dealerships and see how far these vehicles have come.

Picking a Path; Buick SUVs and Crossovers

Regal Tour X

The easily manageable cargo space is ideal for the spontaneous adventurer. This vehicle includes up to five seats, roof rails with accessory crossbars, and standard hands-free liftgate. Convenient wireless charging allows for easy phone connectivity. A few safety features that are available are Side Blind Zone Alert, Forward Collision Alert with Following Distance Indicator and Front Pedestrian Braking. You will get an estimated 21 miles per gallon in the city, and 29 highway miles per gallon and the 2019 regal Tour X starts at $29,070.


This model offers up to 5 seats as well as 48.4 cu. ft. of cargo space when the second row of seats is folded down. Your pets will love going on trips with you in this easy to drive vehicle. QuietTuning technology with Active Noise Cancellation will keep the internal volume at a controllable level while blocking out unnecessary outside noise. Some of the safety features include Front and Rear Park Assist, Forward Collision Alert, and Lane Departure Warning. City and highway miles per gallon are pretty impressive, at 25 and 33 and the 2019 Encore starts at $23,200.


A silver 2019 Buick Envision is parked in front of a shop.

Similar to the Encore, the Envision has a slightly smaller and sportier appearance while still seating up to five. A 2.0L turbocharged engine and Intelligent All Wheel Drive are available along with QuietTuning and Active Noise Cancellation. Forward Collision Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Side Blind Zone Alert with Lane Change Alert are available safety features while the miles per gallon in the city is estimated around 22, and highway miles per gallon are estimated at 29. This Buick SUV starts at $31,995.


The 2019 Enclave has a much classier touch, while seating up to seven. This comfortable Buick includes QuietTuning and safety features such as Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, Side Blind Zone Alert and Forward Collision Alert. The industry’s very first Front-Center airbag is a standard feature that is included in this SUV.  You can get around 18 city miles, and around 26 highway miles and the starting price is $40,000.

Enclave Avenir

This midsize SUV is the most luxurious of all Buick SUVs. Chrome detailing and textured grille adds sophistication to the overall appearance. We also see style details improved on the steering wheel with real wood accents and added decor. There is wireless charging to keep any of the possible seven passengers connected since this vehicle includes all the bells and whistles available. Like the previous models, this Avenir can get around 18 city miles, and 26 highway miles. The starting price and showing price give us the same number, which is $53,500.

Buying your own Buick

We live and we learn, but sometimes we learn that the process of buying a new vehicle can be confusing, stressful, and tedious. Between the salesmen, their managers, and banks, it’s hard to keep in track of where the numbers went a little crazy, but it doesn’t have to be!

It’s tough not getting caught up in the psychology of sales when trying to make a major purchase. There will always be the typical salesman that sees you as a piece of his paycheck but if you find a reputable Buick dealership they will try to work towards with you to fulful your vehicle needs and will explain anything that there may be confusion about. My suggestion is to have the dealer break everything down step by step. If you are still in doubt, you can always bring a friend who has experience in sales and/or cars in general.

On a positive note, often times Buick dealerships will host events, where they will have a range of sales, and luckily, most of the Buick SUVs and crossovers are included. There are usually significant discounts on the manufacturer suggested retail price. Important to note is that the MSRP doesn’t include taxes, and that the MSRP is different than the invoice price. These are things that your dealer will happily explain to you upon request. It’s a no brainer that the more money you can save, the better. You can always negotiate around the suggested retail price, even with a discount.

Stay in your Lane; Buick’s Life Lesson

In the GM lineup, Buick falls right in between Chevy, personified as the guy who does his own brake job in the driveway and Cadillac, they guy who probably doesn’t get his hands dirty but has the newest and most advanced vehicle on the block. This happy medium shouts, “I too have a healthy level of social awareness, but also enjoy feeding my family.” Whether your family includes a spouse and children, or just you and your pet, there is a Buick made to help you live your life to its fullest, and chances are it’s a Buick SUV.

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