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10 Luxurious Options for the 2018 Cadillac Escalade

There aren’t many people who would argue if you told them that the Escalade is the definitive luxury SUV. Some people might say that name recognition doesn’t hold value, but you don’t get the street cred that the Escalade has without being at the top of your game. If you’ve looked at any Cadillac for sale recently, you may already be familiar with some of the luxury features available in newer models. The 2018 Escalade has all those options and more, and once you’ve had the chance to experience them for yourself you’ll understand why it’s held in such high esteem. Until then, I can just explain a few of the most notable available features, and if you want you can close your eyes and pretend to experience them.

Sound System

If you’re in the driver’s seat, your only options for reducing monotony on long or lonely drives are usually things like music, audiobooks, or podcasts. With your freedom from boredom relying so much on audible entertainment, it only makes sense for a top of the line car to have a top of the line sound system. Sixteen premium Bose Surround System speakers placed throughout the cabin make sure that’s the case when you choose to drive a this year’s Escalade.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

We’re living in modern times, so that means we have access to modern luxuries. As with many new Cadillacs for sale the Escalade is available built-in wireless hotspot, to keep you connected and your passengers entertained. Sure, we all thought we’d have flying cars by now, but we’ve got internet access wherever we go and that famous rich guy with the Star Wars name put his car in space, so I feel comfortable giving humanity the win regardless

Wireless Charging

I’ve never hidden my reservations about wireless charging technology before. Everyone praises it, but I’ve witnessed it first hand. You place your phone on the designated pad, and it is immediately and mysteriously imbued with energy. I don’t know whether this energy is pulled from the preternatural ley lines of the Earth or some other ancient wellspring of power, but it is undoubtedly witchcraft. Some people enjoy David Blaine, and some people might be okay with invoking otherworldly forces in order to charge their phones with incredible convenience, but this is one luxury that doesn’t belong in my muggle vehicle. Though if you’re unphased by the supernatural, by all means, outfit your Escalade with the power to charge your phone via mysticism, just don’t say I never warned you.

Heads-Up Display

Anyone who has ever played video games already knows the value of a good heads-up display. Unintrusive to your vision and sleek in style, a well built HUD delivers the information you need without distracting your eyes from what’s important, in this case the road. The 2018 Escalade’s HUD is a perfect example, giving you all the info your dashboard could ever hope to without interfering with your driving. Plus, it looks pretty dang cool.

Massage Seat

The routines we build around our commutes are often there to prepare us for our destination. After a hard day at work, a relaxing drive home can really help relieve tension so that you’re in a good mood by the time you get home. Some people blast music or stop for a snack, but people who drive Escalades probably just turn on their massage seat and take the long way home.

Safety Alert Seat

Not only can these seats help get that knot out of your back, they’re also capable of integrating with your car’s driver assistance features, issuing small tactile warnings if the sensors on your vehicle pick up a driver in your blind spot or an impending collision. With this technology, we can finally utilize our butts for their naturally intended use: safety.

Power Assist Steps

We all have shorter people in our lives. Heck, you might be short yourself, thinking “why should I bother listening to this tall person, telling me about this tall person car?” Luckily for me, Cadillac already answered that question by offering Power Assist Steps. When you open the car door a retractable step lowers, helping the vertically challenged ascend to the same levels of luxury that the rest of us experience.

Hands-Free Liftgate

Everyone needs groceries in their homes, and anyone who does the shopping for their household knows the struggle of making multiple trips. Even if you’re like me, and you regularly carry a precarious number of items from your car to your fridge in an effort to avoid the infamous second trip, you still have to go back afterward most of the time to close the trunk or hatchback door. With the hands-free liftgate, you only need one free foot to open or close the back of your car, so you can unpack and unload as much as you like without worrying about leaving your car open.

Rear Screens

Three available entertainment screens for rear passengers allow for multiple people to watch what they want at the same time. If you’ve got kids or uncooperative friends, this option is great to maintain peace during longer rides. If you’re not worried about rear seat conflicts, then just one screen might do, but the extra option can’t hurt.

Center Console Cooler

Of course, with luxury comes refreshments, and the Escalade’s Center Console Cooler can keep beverages (or food) stored and chilled so you never have to deal with a warm drink or melty snack again so long as your car is nearby. It can fit up to six 20 ounce bottles, or two 20 ounce bottles and some Lunchables. Though, if you’re a true hero and legend, you could utilize that space for six full bottles of sriracha. You probably won’t, but you can, and that’s what counts.

Now to Find YOUR Cadillac for Sale

At this point you’re probably already looking for champaign and a hireable driver so that you can celebrate buying your new 2018 Escalade with a night on the town, but if this plethora of modern comforts and conveniences haven’t won you over yet then maybe a conversation with famed rapped The Game about his own Escalade will be enough to convince you. I don’t have a way to get in touch with The Game, I just think that if you did talk to him he would likely relay a fairly positive experience, judging by certain lyrics he has recorded and published in previous songs. (It should be noted that the butterfly doors featured on The Game’s personal Escalade are unfortunately not an option that your local dealership is likely to offer you.)

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